On De Scene: Lerbz' Fundraiser, I'm so ashamed!

>> Monday, September 28, 2009

"As most may already know, Kevaughn was involved in a terrible vehicle accident early Wednesday morning in the vicinity of downtown Port of Spain, suffering severe injuries and managing to escape from a horrific scene alive. He is extremely fortunate to have survived such an incident.Six (6) pints of blood were needed, and for those who contributed many many thanks!He is due for surgery soon & we are all praying for it to be successful and wishing him a quick recovery.Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, we all know he has a really good heart and is clearly meant for greater things. PLEASE let this be a lesson to all- DRIVE SAFELY! It would have been an awful tragedy if we lost someone so special".

Photo of Lerbz's Car after the accident

The above was taken from the Facebook page “RECOVERY In Aid of Kevaughn Lerbz Savory“. It was created to keep friends & fans updated on Lerbz‘ condition, to advertise a party to raise funds for his medical treatments, and to help raise road safety awareness (You speedy Gonzales out there).

Lerbz is a camera man. He’s worked for several different companies, including Synergy & C TV (CNMG) , he’s worked on videos and news, he’s also an On Air Presenter at RED 96.7fm here in Trinidad. In the entertainment industry, Lerbz, is one-ah-we.

Last Tuesday, a Fundraiser was held at Alchemy, one of the newest clubs that the plenty young, and few not so young party goers patronize. The tickets were ONLY TT $100 and DJ’s gave of their time and skills for free. Bless up to Links, Merry Perry, & Ezel (some of the DJs I saw) & Synergy TV. It was suppose to be a night of good vibes.. As a mater of fact, as I was leaving the hospital that same day, I said to Lerbz, “jam gonna be so packed tonight but I will still wine for you while you’re getting prepped for your 2nd surgery.“ Having recently gone through a similar experience, I knew how tough it can, be so I was trying to keep his spirits up, which by the way always seem to be up. Other than myself, I don’t know anyone else as upbeat & positive, about to go under the knife. Hahahahahaha.

Flyer for Lerbz's Fundraiser

Now, I’m upset…Shamed… Jam packed? What! Steups. ...Ah cudnah be more wrong.

To start with, I got a little annoyed when I got a message from the group asking people to refrain from asking for free tickets or guest list as this was a fundraiser! I thought, clearly, they must not have understood the word fundraiser, they probably thought that was the name of a regular party. Surely.
Secondly. As yuh girl drove up to the club and saw the cars, all meh friends hearing from meh is "hmmm hmmmm hm hm hm" and they knew Knycky was not pleased about something.

Alchemy’s designated car park, the gas station opposite, was almost empty, there were about 10 cars on the street, I looked at my watch (my phone) minuets to 1 on Wednesday Morning. 

All of you who wanted me to throw Jam to raise funds for MY medical bills, see why I shouted “I WILL DO IT ALONE, no matter how hard it may be”. I’ve learnt to put trust in God, man can fail you and fail Lerbz they did. Out of the hundreds of people he reaches everyday via his radio show, the 1,524 group members, over 700 confirmed to attend, Alchemy had about 250, 300 people that Tuesday, including workers.Thanks to those that weren’t there but still contributed by buying tickets. I have no beef with allyuh eh. But I’m not feeling the love from some of our “friends in de business”.
Would it have been so hard to use their influence to ram out that Club? All it would have taken were a few Facebook, Twitter status etc.
Maybe I’m upset because I’m just out of recovery & I know how hard Lerbz is going to have it emotionally, financially as a matter of fact every which ally you can think of, he’s going to be there (no pun intended).
Maybe I’m just fed up of the same thing happening over & over again, we talk a good talk. Maybe up and coming doesn’t have quite the same ring as hot stepper, in our business. In the DJ business if yuh not a Hypa Hoppa or a Shal, crapaud smoke yuh pipe. Lerbz hurry up and build your brand! Work hard like these guys did & you’ll soon see! But why do we have to be a “big name” to receive assistance when needed? I thought that just came naturally, friends help friends. Brother’s keeper?

Lerbz himself!

Maybe it was the fact that I saw some brand names in the business drive up to the club, realize it wasn’t crowed so they couldn’t show off (I‘m guessing), and drove away. Ah was watching allyuh from the roof top!

Maybe I’m just tired that when some of us in the position to help a fellow man, a friend in the business, a bredren (as they call him to his face) not many step up to the plate.On stage, in front the cameras, we’re so…“Iz ah family, Iz ah love, Iz ah unity” but when the time came for us to show that love, we stayed in our beds and slept.

Like my Twitter profile said after I got home that morning, “I pray that you guys never need a recovery party” and I honestly do.Sorry, pictures not available cause ah was just vex. But I handled myself well and made sure I had a really good time with the few supporters who came out. So yes, I can wine with a heavy heart.

Aswaad, Jabari, and the rest of the Recovery crew, I applaud you guys for taking the bull by the horn and ramping with it. Keep up the great work. You put your promotional skills to great use.I know plenty people wont like my little rant here eh, but guess what, if the cap doh fit, put it down, is not you ah talking to is it? The only way you could (should) tote feelings after this, is if the cap is your size. Then yuh know!

As for me I feel it’s better to be hated for what I am, than to be loved for what I am not so I will continue to do me and TALK NAH!

We can do be better, much better. We SHOULD!


Always keeping it real,

Oceans may divide us, will (Soca) music unite us?

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