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>> Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's my pleasure to let you know about a special project I lent my voice to this summer.  New York's Ma$tamind Productions has just released a Christmas album featuring a multinational cast of Caribbean Artistes singing Christmas classics.  I don't mean songs like "Santa Looking for a Wife", "Anita", or "Soca Santa".  I mean the ones you hear when you're doing your holiday shopping, pumping from the radio stations, and yes, the ones you sing at Church.

You'll get people like:  Kevon Carter, Mista Vybe, Shawn "Da Mastamind" Noel, 2ntrigue,  and more performing your favourites, in their own special way.

In Trinidad with producer Shawn Noel and Business Manager Natasha Andrews-Noel

As for me, I contributed what I know best, an original spoken word piece called "Questions For Mary". It takes a look at the Virgin Mary through modern eyes, and considers what it would have been like to be a young girl saddled with such an important task that no one else really understood.  Da Ma$tamind backed it up with some beautiful music.  And voilà!  Your Nurse is ready for purchase!  LOL...I think that came out wrong.

It's a phenomenal project.  I do hope you will support the initiative by spreading the word, and buying the album. (Actually, for just $8.99 US, you can buy the tracks now by clicking the image and link below)

Happy Holidays!

Nurse Karen

P.S.  For more detail regarding what's on the album, check out this write-up by Mystie Thongs:

 We from the Caribbean Can Sing Too!!!
 Christmas is the one time of year when no one minds hearing the same songs being played over and over again on the radio. In fact for many of us Christmas does not start until we hear our favourite carol being sung beautifully by either an old golden voice like Nat King Cole’s or the latest starlet doing a seasonal cd.
This year, Ma$tamind Productions have decided to give every carol lover exactly what they want but maybe not in the way they are accustomed to having it. Instead of being lulled into the spirit of the season by voices of the outside world Ma$tamind presents A Caribbean Soul Christmas. An album filled with your favourite traditional carols performed by our very own Caribbean artistes, because in their opinion, we in the Caribbean can sing too! And honestly who would know better than them, since they have always worked with the finest artistes, this our very own archipelago of islands, has to offer.
The cast of performers reads like a veritable who’s who in the Caribbean talent pool and just as an extra treat they have chosen to highlight some artistes in a genre and/or in a way they are yet to be formerly known in.
Leading the charge on the something special but different forefront is Nurse Karen from St Vincent, known especially for her soca news segment on Flow 93.5 FM in Toronto. Her emotion-stirring recitation of a poem on the album leaves you simply wanting more.
Lauded vocalists, Naki, Krissy Grant from St. Lucia, Kevon Carter, Audie Hewitt (formerly of famed Trinidadian R&B group H2O Phlo) as well as 2Ntrigue, do not disappoint as they put their own soulful but impressive spin on classics that can make the most ardent follower of old school crooners put Sammy and Old Blue eyes on pause in order to take in the melodious harmonies of these talented young Caribbean singers.
The splendid mix of music does not stop there since on this album, Ma$tamind has invited 3 gentlemen in particular to step outside of their recognized arena to boldly show how skilled they all truly are.
Mista Vybe, usually found tearing up a soca fete, displays his amazing vocal abilities as he slows it all down and simply croons for your listening ear.
Veteran musician/soca guitarist Dean Williams steps out of the background and into his own spotlight playing solo on a carol in a way that raises pores and blows musical imagination, who knew the guitar could sing so sweetly?
Well maybe Kyle Peters might have known. Another solo guitarist on the album he joins the cast as a newbie, but one who is more than able to hold his own amongst these now peers of his. He is one to watch and most definitely pay attention to.
And just when you might think, ok I have gotten my money’s worth Ma$tamind has slipped in just a lil bit extra that will certainly keep you wanting this compilation on repeat all season long.
Joanne ‘Tigress’ Rowley has been known throughout the calypso world as a stirring and strong competitor, for Ma$tamind, she has put aside that competitive vein and taken on the role of soulful matron leading the way for the youngsters, with a powerfully moving rendition of Joy To The World, that makes your eyelids leak freely.
Last but most certainly not least, Shawn ‘Da Ma$tamind’ Noel steps out from his producer booth to sit us all down and school us on just how talented we in the Caribbean are. His producing skills are just one side to him, his strength as a singer, stands out in a way that makes you wonder if we really want that kind of ability sitting in a producing chair and not always onstage with a mic in his hand.
This album promises something for everyone, while each song is sure to reach out and inspire every one of us all, in some way.
With this much talent and ability on display it is no wonder that carol aficionados the world over cannot wait to experience A Caribbean Soul Christmas.  

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