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>> Sunday, October 18, 2009

So, I dunno what it is about promoters in Miami, why they feel a fete is not a fete unless it's named after some major party in Trinidad.  That's just my personal gripe, considering the fact that neither the all the artistes or the patrons are even from Trinidad in the first place.  It seems a bit odd, but they've been doing it for soooo long, that I'm probably the only one who notices.  Anyhoo..whatever works.

Girl Power has long been THE THURSDAY NIGHT fete of Miami Carnival.  Behind it is IslandsUnited or something so.  The Trini Carnival fete is put on by Island People I take it there's a connection. Anyhoo, much like in Trinidad, it's kind where everybody is supposed to be the night it goes down. The only competition I had heard of this year was supposed to come in the form of a fete called Contagious aka Glow, that got shut down at the last minute.  Want to hear bacchanal?  The entire Krosfyah band, and Lil Rick were flown in just for that ONE night to perform at Contagious, only to discover that not enough tickets were sold to warrant opening the doors.  My bajan boys left the city the next day.  Luckily, deposits were paid up in advance..but it can't be cheap flying that many musicians in for NO REASON.

Well, my experience with Miami Girl Power 2009 was memorable to say the least, but probably not for the right reasons. The cast was great.  I didn't get to see Tizzy and a few earlier acts, but I caught the tail end of Alison Hinds (no pun intended). Yet again, I allowed the "soca queen" to escape my grasp without taking a photo, but this time not for a lack of trying.   Girl Power was hot.  Dreadfully hot.  Hot like no air conditioning-sticky-nasty-sweaty-locker-room-meets-sauna-inside-the-mouth-of-a-hairy-dog HOT.  So when Ally came off stage, and I wanted pictures, Miss Lady wanted agua...and I don't really blame her.

During the inexplicable heatwave, I experience one of my highlights...Benjai took the stage and brought out Gailann, who we haven't seen on a major soca stage for a couple years.  Girlfriend was cool and in control, looking well funky in her little square specs.

Nurse Karen and former 1st Lady of the Godfather's Asylum, Gailann

I was backstage searching in vain for Dr. Jay who was one of the DJ's at the fete.  Little did I know the DJ Booth was in the middle of the dancefloor.  I was intercepted by a photographer who mentioned something to be about living in Buffalo.  Next thing I know, he took out two picture of me that were on constant rotation on the big screens on either side of the stage for the rest of the night. Would love to know who he was shooting for.  He caught me before the humid air did, and all other photos from that night looked like I went head to head with a tsunami...and lost. While wandering backstage I bumped into Peter C. Lewis from Trinidad's Synergy TV.  You read my blog, so you know how many times I have planned to meet this dude as his actual office with no luck! Well, we finally got our brief meeting after all.  (Sort of)

Good Old Peter C!

After Benjai, Machel Montano HD took the stage to do their thing. Patrice was first to do battle with the "weather".  Under the lights, and intense heat of the non-airconditioned Mahi Temple, Ms. Roberts sang and danced like it was nobody's business.  She shed a layer or two of clothing and ended up performing in her bra top.  I say this, not to cause alarm, but to illustrate just how steamy it got.  Those of us who watch Patrice know how modest she is when it comes to dressing.  I still remember seeing her perform at the 2009 Groovy Soca Monarch Finals in a one-piece mas costumer, reinforced with bicycle shorts.  She's not the type to peel her clothes on stage.

So highlight number two: Did anyone else see Machel fall when he was taking the stage?  Lemme put out a disclaimer.  I not badminding Boy Boy, but that ish was funny.  Patrice introduced the man of the hour, to come and sing his song on the riddim.  He runs out with a burst of energy and....kerrrrrrrrplop!  Don't worry Machel fans, he didn't buss his @$$ or vocal chords or anything that matters...and I don't think it bruised his ego for more than 10 seconds.  None the less, it made for a a hearty gaassssssssssssppp from all onlookers who were sober enough to notice.  (Naturally, followed by some real ugly belly laughing...mostly from me..and a lil from the rest of the crew liming by the DJ booth...which I finally found in the middle of the room)

People had fun...and I learned a few very important lessons.
1.  Fun is really what it's all about
2.  My new flat iron really fried all the kink out of my hair...cuz that humidity didn't mash me up at all!

All in all, a very informative night!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

P.S.  Big up Richard and Shawn, I appreci-love the support.

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Chrissy October 18, 2009 at 2:16 PM  

It was Mahi Temple not Soho right?


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