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>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

Miami Carnival has come and gone...but the memories will last forever. I'm not 100% per cent sure that cliche holds up in reference to Carnival...but it seemed to fit!

So I'm back in Toronto, and I know you're all well vex, I wasn't giving you the day by day update. Sorry about that. But if you don't know my by now. Two things matter in the heat of Carnival

1. Fete
2. Sleep
3. Repeat

All my priorities were met in the above order. As for updating the loyal readers of Nurse Karen Etc, the twitter posse was more or less in the know...and the facebook crew got to see the paparazzi view of my trip!

So let's get to it: Bacchanal Wednesday

Trini posse, don't get this confused with the big Zen fete with the overpriced drinks that kicks of Carnival Week in T&T. I'm talking about a DJ party held at Sosta Lounge in Hollywood, Florida. That's about halfway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, just off the I-95. The culprits: Generation X, Party People and Isle of Rhumb.

I'm gonna remember this bad boy as the welcome to Miami party. I got there about 2 am with a car load of folks, who, like me flew in from every-damn-where. DJ Crown Prince gave the music a serious boost once I got in the door. I dunno who was playing before him, but the selections were stuck in a time warp circa 2005. Prince brought the music and the vibe back to 2009 with a healthy dose of groovy ditties that gave the Nurse a reason to finally lehgo!

Eternal Vibes and Nurse Karen

In my little corner by the DJ booth, I successfully distracted myself from a couple of creepy characters at the bar by making nice with some of the local promoters and DJ's in the house. One such character was Eternal Vibes who, for some reason, I had never met in person in spite of the fact he has been flying to Toronto to DJ for Tribal Knights Mas Band for the last couple of Caribana. Odd...cause I play in that band. Hmmm!

The life of the corner was Islandmix dot com's music update queen, Rummacita. This honorary Bajan lass introduced me to a handful of fellows that helped me get all my media credentials in order for the rest of my stay. Not to mention, she expertly assumed the role of Nurse Karen's Miami gal pal as we rolled through the fetes. Rummy...thanks again!

Rummy wining down Eternal Vibes

The last time I went to SOSTA it was for a party called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in 2008. It's a small place, but a lot of the artists seem to find their way there, or at least to the patio outside. As I went out for air, I soon realized that's where all the star power had been hiding. Trinidad's popular DJ Hyper Hopper was outside breezing with friends, as were South-Florida based singing group, Crossovah. Patrice Roberts made a very late, but stylish appearance. You should have seen the Soca-razzi snapping!

I finally found a relatively cool corner in the company of international tasty assortment of cool kids. Check out artist, DJ and TV host, Super Jigga TC from Trinidad, Tortolan artist and producer via Boston, Kamau, Vincentian Soca Monarch Skinny Fabulous, and Miami's own top Lucian mixmater, Barrie Hype.

TC, Kamau, Skinny Fabulous, Barrie Hype

Only Wednesday, and the fun was already in full swing. Blackberry's were out, PINs were being exchanged left, right and centre. I could already tell Miami Carnival 2009 was going to be PACE!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

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