Free Download: Hyper Active's Soca Bashment Miami-Style 2K9

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

Nurse Karen and Hyper Leon in Brooklyn, September 2009

When you travel a lot , you soon figure out that every city definitely has it's own flavour when it comes to which songs and artist are hot for Carnival.  The timing of local festivities factors in too.  So when I saw this mix from Hyper Leon, I thought a few of you might get VERY excited.  This mix shows of the top tunes of Miami Carnival 2K9, nothing more, nothing less.  If you were there....this was pretty much what they played at the fetes and on the roads.

So, I gotta say a big thank you to Hyper Leon of Hyper Active Entertainment in New York for letting me post this for you. He's a busy guy, between playing all over the US and keeping the music pumping on FIRE 104.7 FM's" Free Up Fridays" (3 - 6pm) and "Soca Arena Saturdays" (6 - 9 pm).

You can check him out at the links below:


OR check out his DJ styleeeee by downloading his latest CD right   HERE

Full track listing below:


Track 2. Hold Yuh To Soca(Hyper Lee Mix)   By  Gyptain
Track 3. Fly Away By Machel Montano HD & Collie Buddz
Track 4. Break Up 2 Make Up By Ziggy Ranking 
Track 5. Shake Remix By Jamesy P & Luta 
Track 6. Jep Sting Remix By Hunter Ft Kes The Band & Ravi B
Track 7. Rum & Roti By  Patch & Da Ma$taMind
Track 8. Doh Give Me More Rum By Berbice
Track 9. Hold You Down By  Zan
Track 10. Bumpers By  Devon Matthews & Ziggy Ranking
Track 11. Wine For Me  By  Baba Shanta
Track 12. Wickedest Wine By Denise Belfon
Track 13. Standing Up Is Against The Law By Rupee
Track 14. 1 Juk By Lil Rick
Track 15. Glory Glory(Special) By Skinny Fabulous
Track 16. Waistline Roll By  Patrice Roberts
Track 17. Wine To Deh Back By  Allison Hinds
Track 18. Picante By Busy Signal
Track 19. Addicted By Bezo
Track 20. Wine Fast By Zan
Track 21. Looking To Wine By Farmer Nappy Ft General Grant
Track 22. Slow Wine By Machel Montano HD
Track 23. Work It By Patrice Roberts
Track 24. Murdah  By  Shurwayne Winchester
Track 25. Wuk Up On It/Im Not Drunk By  King Shepard/KMC
Track 26. Hot Sun & Riddum(Hyper Lee Mix) By Terencia TC Coward
Track 27. Dah Style Deh(Hyper Lee Mix)/All Nite Tll Morning By  Busy Signal & Statement
Track 28. Fun Fun By Benjai
Track 29. Hard For Me By Problem Child
Track 30. More Sweetness  By  Shayne Bailey
Track 31. Sweetness By Shayne Bailey
Track 32. More Water  By   Zoelah
Track 33. Woye Mama By Berbice
Track 34. Hold Dem/Obsessive Winers  By Lyrikal/Destra, Allison Hinds & Denise Belfon
Track 35. You A Mi Baby(Soca Mix)  By Vybz  Kartel
Track 36. She Cyah Wait(Hyper Lee Mix) By Demarco
Track 37. Plenty Gyal By Bunji Garlin & Beenie Man
Track 38. Yeast By  KMC
Track 39. Whole Night Long By Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah
Track 40. Awright(Ramajay) By Machel Montano HD
Track 41. Thunda Mix By Kes The Band
Track 42. Heavy T Belly By Busy Signal & Fay-Ann Lyons-Alverez
Track 43. We Done Dey By Bunji Garlin
Track 44. Tanty Say By Benjai Ft Scarface 
Track 45. Drunk Again By Benjai
Track 46. Staggerah By Fadda Fox
Track 47. De Lumbah  By Wayne Marshall
Track 48. Jumper Cable By Young Voice
Track 49. First In Line By Zan Ft General Grant
Track 50. I In Dat By WildFIRE
Track 51. Drunk Man By Tallpree
Track 52. Bachaanal By Destra Garcia
Track 53. Won't Stop By Machel Montano HD
Track 54. Doan Hold We Back By Machel Montano HD
Track 55. Turn It Up By Patrice Roberts
Track 56. Spread Out By Lil Rick
Track 57. Antz In Yuh Sugar Pan By Jamesy P
Track 58. Juk Juk Juk By Stabby
Track 59. Meet Super Blue By Fay-Ann Lyons-Alverez 
Track 60. In De Middle Ah De Road By Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah
Track 61. Mad House By Problem Child
Track 62. De Beast Leggo By Skinny Fabulous
Track 63. Tusty(Special) By Blaxx
Track 64. Wicked Jab By  Tallpree   

Love and Soca, 

Nurse Karen
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