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>> Friday, August 21, 2009

Since before I left Canada for Vincy Mas 2009, I told a few of my DJ friends that soca fans would appreciate best-of-the-best mixes from each of the summer carnivals. I mean how else will the public get to know what the top songs are, considering foreign DJs rarely play extended sets of music from these islands.

Mixes like this are great exposure for the artists, when done right. They are also great exposure for the DJ who decides to put such a mix together. Well, no matter how many times I pushed and prodded. I didn't get one from any of the big local DJs in SVG, St. Lucia, BIM, Antigua or Grenada (well, not yet anyway)!

So imagine my surprise yesterday, when I receive a message from a Toronto-based DJ of Trini descent who took it upon himself to mix together his favourite Vincy Mas tunes of 2009. It's my pleasure to offer you Sunset Mix 2009 from "All Is Maddness". Sunset...if you didn't know, is the name of St. Vincent's Strong Rum. Trust me, it's not for everyone!

Jus Maddness, thanks for doing this! Enjoying the vibes, and thanks for the big ups. One thing time do me a lil favour and ease up on the reverb at the beginning! LOL...Sounding like a Martian discotheque. LOL. But don't watch that. The music is great, and you mixed it well, Papa.

Well , the result is probably different than what a homegrown Vincy DJ might have put together. But it's a nice collection of some of the biggest songs of 2009, plus a few that hardly received airplay at all. Also, a few chunes on this collection were performed by Vincentian artist, but produced for other carnival.

So, if you're new to soca...or just looking to expand your knowledge beyond your own island, get to know the names. The next step is to request the songs you like on the radio, and when you're at a fete. sure and put your money where your mouth is, purchase original soca when you can. Deal? Deal.

Ok...since we're on the same page, what are you waiting for?


For more info on fetes and future mixes, follow Jus Maddness on Twitter.

Make sure you let him (and us) know what you think about it!

Bomani - Swing it
Jalena & Daria - Do fuh do
Danelle Veira - Big ting gal
Tamisha - I ain't feeling it
Luta - Shake
Jamesy P feat. Kirk Adams - I will do
Fullclip - Wine gyal wine
Maddzart - Let go de waistline
Maddzart feat. First Lady - Ah guilty remix
Tabia - Own man
Zoelah - More water
Troots & Ice - Lo Siento
Bomani - Good times
Fa Fa - In my jeans
Jamesy P - Hornerman
Gideon James - I'm addicted
Kevin Lyttle - Hands on me
Problem Child - Hard fuh me
Lady D - Gimme de music
Philly - You got me
Denis Bowman - How ah feeling
Bomani - Waiting for u
Skinny Fabulous Feat Danelle Veira - Glory glory
Fafa - Gimme de soca
Demus - Rum Junkie
Top Notch Swift - Nobody can talk to me
Jamesy P - Antz in yuh sugar pan
Luta & Jamesy P Feat. Benji N20 - Bruk she waist remix
Luta - Carnival coming roadmix
Full Clip - Wild indians
Fireman Hooper - Just bring dat
Maddzart - Spin dem around
Maddzart - Mad rum
Tarrus - Rum in my head
Tarrus - Rum in my head(Soca Child remix)
Problem Child & Skinny Fabulous - Drinks reach
First Lady - Maddness
Icon - Congo line
Problem Child - Rude & Freaky
Full Clip - Out of hand
Skinny Fabulous - De beast leggo(Scratch Master mix)
Skinny Fabulous - Misbehaving
Hotsand Feat. Sharlene - We Jamming
Problem Child - Madhouse
Dj Tate - How yuh like it
Fireman Hooper - Finders keepers(roadmix)
Fryktion Feat. Parry Jack & Problem Child - Yuh women buttin me
Lively - Mash up

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