The Rounds: Edwin Yearwood shares winnings with Mikey!

>> Friday, August 7, 2009

Hey All,

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you! With Caribana...and all the resulting fireworks this year, I must admit I have been struggling to stick to my regular schedule. Don't forget to check 'DE LATEST NEWS' for more detail on these items...

In this edition:
- Caribana Band of the Year Results
- Crop Over Pic of de Crop Calypso Monarch
- Crop Over Peoples' Monarch
- Antigua Soca Monarch

Good evening soca lovers I’m Nurse Karen , and these are Dr. Jay’s Rounds. Happy
Caribana weekend 2009! Wow....this is the time of year when sweet soca music takes center stage, and our fair city of Toronto show off the incredible beauty and culture of the Caribbean to the rest of the world. If you’re visiting from out of town. Sure hope you’ve had a chance to experience the exhilarating vibrations that only soca can provide. If you’re not already feeling the vibe...keep listening. Marxman and Dr. Jay are making you wine from 6 to 9.

So first the results from the road. Congratulations to Carnival Nationz on their 2009 Band of the Year title. The presentation of In Full Bloom was absolutely stunning to see. Runner up was Lousi Saldenah Mas K Club with a Tribute to Harold Saldenah. Congrats Dr. Jay...2nd place ain’t so bad. Toronto Revellers took home the 3rd place spot with Brasil, Bacchanal in RIO.

If you didn’t know, Toronto isn’t the only place celebrating carnival right now. Down in beautiful’s all about Crop Over. Red Plastic Bag took hom, yet another Calypso Monarch Crown this weekend. Then this weekend De General Edwin was votes Peoples’ Monarch of Barbados. That is a competition sponsored by a group of radio stations. Listeners get to text in votes for their favourite song and artist of the festival. Edwin’s uptempo...Middle of the road was the clear winner. He beat out his opponent Mikey 82 percent to 18 percent.

None the less, I can vouch that Mikey’s song I in Dat is a very big tune. Edwin thought Mikey deserved to get something get this. He actually offered to give him 10 thousand dollars out of his $25,000 top prize.

Before I head out to continue the carnival action, lemme tell you what happened in Antigua last night. Tian Winter dethroned long time crowd favourite Claudette "CP" Peters in both the Groovy Soca Monarch and Party Monarch categories. So get used to the songs "Baby I" and "Soca Rebel"...and the name Tian Winter. He's on top of his game for 2009, and he's here to stay.

I'm Nurse Karen, and those were Dr. Jay's Rounds. For more info on anything mentioned here...check out your best source for reliable soca news, Nurse Karen Etc at or follow nurse karen on twitter.

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