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>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Afternoon Nurse Karen Posse!!!

Tuesdays are perfect for new music. Luckily today, I'm giving you something extra special with the kind compliments of Toronto's own DJ Bass. If you live in THIS oddly humid city, then you probably know Bass as a co-host of CIUT 89.5 FM's Island Breeze Program, Friday evenings from 6 to 8 PM.

He took it over from 15-year host Jaro sometime last year...and I've got to say, he's doing a fine job of "lifting up everything and anything its path".

Several years ago...Island Breeze became a favourite weekly tradition of mine, as I would drive into the city from the West End to host my weekly open-mic event, La Parole. I would always get the latest soca...and since I usually tuned in a little bit late I was treated to the "Bass Mix" or something so. That was my DJ friend's exclusive uninterrupted weekly mashup of the best of the best.

He's always had an ear for the obscure, and never been afraid to run tunes that other DJ's may not be playing...or rather... some tunes other DJ's have never even bothered to listen to . Well, that's their problem. DJ Bass is an equal opportunity music man, sampling sounds from multiple Caribbean Islands and giving fans a chance to appreciate the music in its many facets and expressions.

So with Grenada crossing the stage for Carnival Tuesday this Morning, the Caribbean-based Summer carnivals have nearly run their full gamut. Wouldn't you say it's time for a recap of some of 2009's hidden gems?

I present to you "Island Breeze, Various Island Soca 2009 by DJ Bass"


1. Bomani (SVG) - Do Something (Good Times )
2. Fullclip (SVG) - Wine Girl Wine
3. Tian Winter (ANU) - Baby I
4. Frank White (BIM) - Wine Fuh Me Gal
5. Alison Hinds (BIM)- Gimme De Juk Juk
6. Rupee (BIM) - Standing Up
7. Patrice Roberts (T&T)- Waist Line Roll
8. Peter Ram (BIM) - Real Tight F.Che'Nelle (JA)
9. Lil' Rick (BIM) - One Juk For The Carnival
10. Zan (T&T) - Back Bone
11. Farmer Nappy (T&T) - Go Brave
12. Biggie Irie(BIM) - One More day
13. Farmer Nappy (T&T) & General Grant (T&T)- Looking to Wine
14. Patrice Roberts (T&T) - Wuk It
15. Machel Montano - Slow Wine
16. Krosfyah Ft. Edwin Yearwood - Carnival on my Mind
17. Tian Winter - Gimme a Taste
18. Shurwayne Winchester (T&T) - Murdah
19. Benjai (T&T) - Fun Fun Fun
20. Uncle Sam (USA)- Serves a Purpose
21. Danielle Veira (SVG) - I Wan me Soca
22. Biggie Irie (BIM) - Slow Wine
23. Shyann Bailey (T&T / CAN) - Pure Sweetness
24. Machel Montano (T&T) - Ramajay
25. Statement (BIM) - All Night
26. T.C. (BIM) - Hot Sun & Riddim
27. Gorg (BIM)- Keeps Drinks Coming
28. Mr Dale(BIM) - Come out
29. Luta (SVG) - Shake
30. Fox (BIM) - Staggerah
31. Ziggy Ranking (T&T) - Staggerah
32. Wayne Marshall (JA) - Lumbah
33. Pupa Leendi(GRE) - Same Strength
34. Maddzart (SVG) - Is me Friend
35. Maddzart (SVG) - Let Go Yo Waistline
36. Jamesy P (SVG) - Horna Man
37. Statement (BIM) - Its Carnival
38. Lavaman (GRE) - Dey Do You
39. Skarpyon (SVG) - Want Back Dem Days
40. Pupa Leendi (GRE) - Ft. Lyrikal (T&T) - Get on Bad
41. Lively(SVG) - Condom
42. Berbice (GRE) - Gasoline
43.Fryktion (SVG) ft. Problem Child (SVG), and Parry Jack (SVG) - Yo Woman Buttin Me
44. Pupa Leendi (GRE) - Ovaz
45. Lil Rick (BIM) - Bajan Wuk Ups
46. Lively (SVG) - Mash Up
47. Krosfyah Ft. Edwin Yearwood (BIM) - Socaholics
48. Problem Child (SVG) - Rude N Freaky
49. Luta (SVG) - Water
50. Lil Rick (BIM) - Riding
51. DJ Tarrus (SVG) - Rum in ah me Head
52. Avalance (USVI) - Get A Drink
53. Jamesy P (SVG) - Patriots
54. Problem Child (SVG) - Anything
55. Chow Mein the Black Bajan Chinese Executive Chef (BIM) - The Chinese Connection
56. Salt (BIM) - See Me
57. Luta (SVG) & Jamesy P (SVG) - Bruk she Waist
58. Lavaman (GRE) Ft. Von - More Horn
59. Lil Rick (BIM) - Wuk Pon Top Ah Wuk
60. Pong (BIM) - Wood
61. Stabby (BIM) - Major Stabby Pain
62. Ricky T (SLU) - Like a Jumbie
63. Skinny Fabulous (SVG) - Leggo D Beast
64. Blood (BIM) - Chaos
65. Mikey (BIM) - Riddum Sekshun
66. Krosfyah Ft. Edwin Yearwood (BIM) - In De Middle ah de Road
67. Problem Child (SVG) - Madhouse

You may not be aware that this mix represents a lot more intra-regional cross pollination than one might expect. Many of these artists are based in the US or other locales, and work with producers who wave different flags. Also, the bulk of the songs marked "T&T" were produced by Bajan producers, and released therefore for Crop Over. Working together is becoming the norm, rather than the exception...and a very good thing.

You'll notice the selections heavily favour Bajan and Vincy releases. Clearly there are some toppa top Lucia, Antiguan, and Grenadian tunes that could easily find their home on a mix like this...but dudes...this is just ONE mix. All that means, is I'll have to hit you back with another one just now!

In the meantime show some love to the DJ who JUST hooked you up:


Love and Soca,

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