On De Scene : Bingo Fires up the St.Lucia Calypso Arena!

>> Thursday, August 27, 2009

This has been the talk of town in St.Lucia and a lot of people have added their two cents on the issue, contending that it was not wrong but rather the institutions have failed and it goes on.

Bingo (Courtesy the St.Lucian Star Newspaper)

Bingo who is a veteran caylpsonian and also leader of the Ambassadors Calypso tent has been the center of attention. When AFTER the season it was bought to everyone's attention that one of the songs he competed with in for Carnival 2009 was the same composition that he competed with in 2002!

I bet you saying how is that even possible? Aren't there rules against such a thing? And why only now it is being caught?

Now, Toni from the Star Newspaper did some research on this which has shed light on many flaws of our associations who handle those competitions and as he enlightens us :

There are several ways to qualify “wrong” and several meanings of the word too among them; “incorrect,” “not in conformity with fact or truth,” “contrary to law, rules and regulations” and “faulty.” Those are quite clear. It is when we begin to describe “wrong” as “not in accord with established usage or procedure” or “contrary to conscience or morality” that shades of grey begin to develop


Sad to say, Toni bought up a good argument in the above article and I am also happy it has happened. This will now allow our associations from CDF, START and SLAC to form more regulations to foster more growth and development to the music art form which we have all grown to love!

What do you think ? Is Bingo wrong?

Well I am sure this issue will unfold further in the coming weeks!

Til then

Peace and Soca

P.S. I am soon to join our very own Knyx Cordner in Trinidad , it is a temporary move so will continuing bringing Lucian news but also gonna get my feet wet with Trini news, Stay tuned!

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