Artist's View: Vyrus on the Vincy Mas Launch

>> Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nurse Karen and Vyrus a SVG Insomnia 2008

St. Vincent carnival officially started on Saturday.  I hear it was a wild time.  Got a message from Vyrus to confirm the rumours.  If you don't know Vyrus, he's an up and coming artist in SVG.  He's part of the Non-Fiction family and performs in the Alliance Band with Skinny Fabulous and Danielle Veira.  Last time I saw him was at Soca Monarch in Trinidad back in February.  He was at the show singing back up for his band mate.  Here's what he had to say about Saturday's Carnival opening...

carnival lunch yesterday may the 2nd.  it was mad girl.  went on the nbc radio truck coming from barrouallie into town.  karen dem bagga people jump from bagga into town. LIME, fomally cable and wireless sponsor the thing. boy...had some real sweet gal on the truck in dem lime t-shirt, but me nah butt yo, no worries!  we reach town like arround after 7, but the truck had to pull off the road until mins to nine because of the activities in the car park.  in town the road was mad, but i had more vibes with the jump from bagga. me and demus did ah thing in the car park it went down good. i did a piece of my new track wine dem down he did something on the same riddim call rum drunkie, mad thing. yo boy icon win the new song soca according to the judges,  but to me zoelah was the best on the nite with her new ragga. the song sweet gal. i think it name "more water". cant remember who win the calypso, but i saw some good performances from taju and candyman. yo star, the highlight of the nite was the extempo competition.  the two last men standing was blakey and alla g. they mash up the place with the free style. people was into it, hands in the air, screaming, was mad!  but blakey had the vibe boy.  yo know he bad pan dem thing. he mash up the place more. so yo done know the crowd ah judge, so he won fair. in all, the launch was ok for me. nice crowd, nice vibe. boom the thing start!

Vyrus! That was great. Thanks for hooking us up with your review! Happy to hear that Blakey is back for another carnival. I hope he goes for Calypso Monarch this year. I would be up in Park early to get my seat for that!

There you have it soca massive, one view from the ground!
Keep them coming!

Love and Soca,

(Nurse) Karen

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