Eye Unit: Happy Birthday Mr. Slaughter!! (Video)

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a nice time of year to be born! In these parts, at the end of May grass is green, flowers are popping out of the ground, and the trees actually have leaves again. Of course, none of that matters when you're born in a balmy locale like Trinidad. But as I toast Mr. Slaughter with a glass of Chardonnay, I am relishing the gorgeous springtime sun.

Some of you only know Slaughter for his popular soca tunes over the years like "Trample", "Tic Toc", "Pokey", and "Spread the Love"...but long before that...and long since. Mr. Derek Perreira has been travelling the planet as a favourite club DJ.

Dawg E is in Miami right now, touring as a DJ and waving the Excalibur International flag high.  Yesterday I asked him what he had planned for his 33rd earth day...

10:55 AM Nurse Karen: old friend...

11:07 AM Mr. Slaughter: hi luv
11:08 AM Nurse Karen: hi
  staying in Miami for your b-day?
11:09 AM Mr. Slaughter: ya
  den.....jersey and nyc
 Nurse Karen: sweet
11:10 AM doing anything fun, or just work?
11:11 AM Mr. Slaughter: all work
  dat doh stop
 Nurse Karen: i know :)
  but i would think you would do something to treat yourself
11:12 AM you deserve it you know!
 Mr. Slaughter: hahahahaha
  rest when u dead
  i really doh business
  i wanna wuk every f#$king day

11:21 AM Nurse Karen: lol...alright then. you getting all the gift you want!
 Mr. Slaughter: ari
  so busy
  not funny hun...

What?!?!!? All work?  I love what I do too....so I can't begrudge the man for wanting to work. But, since HE's not gonna party, I'm taking a little jump (and a wine....pun intended) on his behalf right here with my lap top.

Wanna join me? Check out Slaughter and X-caliber killing some sound bwoi's at a recent clash against Black Cat at Ambassador in Trinidad.

Love and Soca, 

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