On De Scene : Royalites Xtreme Carnival Band Launch

>> Monday, May 4, 2009

This past weekend , Royalites Xtreme Launch with their potrayal of "Africa is our Soul" and the press launch was IMPRESSIVE.

Royalites Carnival Band began in the late 1980's and was known for their unique potrayals and their vibrant energy on the road. However, in 2002 they were no longer active on the St.Lucia Carnival Scene. Carnival 2kGreat birthed Xtreme Carnival Band in the UK. This band was the first St.Lucian Band at the Nottinghill Carnival Parade.This year these two bands have combined forces to revive St.Lucia Carnival. Fusing seasoned ideas with fresh visionaries.

Upon arrival, media and sponsors were greeted by African dressed men who then directed us to the location. Now PRO informed me launch begins at 7 p.m. sharp, so being me I arrived there at 7:30p.m. rushing in the hopes that I would atleast get a glimpse of the event. Well joke was on us all, because it was actually scheduled for 8 p.m. and since media has the reputation of arriving late they insisted an hour earlier. Mind you , most media houses arrived minutes to eight , so safe to say Royalites Xtreme knew what they were about.
At eight we were all invited to have a seat as they were ready to unveil. They began the cermony with the St.Lucian National Anthem followed by a Prayer . The CDF made a few remarks so did the Carnival Band Committee and surprisingly the current President of CBC designed Royalites very first costume . In his speech you could feel the appreciation as he gave a little history of that band and he went further by reliving their very first year with their potrayal of "Punk Rock."
Then the actual showcasing began, and their 6 sections were unveiled with cameras flashing and recording as each model come on stage: The Warrior , The Hunter (male) The Hunted, Freedom, Tribe , Diamond . I must say HATS off to the designer, for each costume was full of detail and each one correlated strongly to the theme. After all the press coverage , everyone was able to relax and have a few cocktails and finger foods as the atmosphere became more casual for mingling.

After having a few words with members of the band, I picked a united front from Royalites Xtreme . They are more than a band but a family and I felt at ease in their company . Noo the drinks didn't hit me yet to make such a strong statement!

I put forward the question to Scady (PRO) what makes Royalites Xtreme different from all other bands. And he was confident as he explained that , their band is not all about the glitter, beads and strictly bikini; their costumes are all about the detail. He explained that Patsy (designer) was meticulous in her selection of fabric and also in how it all came together. Also the on the Road experince will be like no other. Our conversation continued as he made refernce that as a new band they will be remaining relatively small with the projection of 350 revelers .He assured me that once the site is fully operational , revelers will have the option of online payments to avoid any hassle.

Well I will give you a sneak peak at some of the photos but as soon as the website is up and running , you can access all their Band Information.

On behalf of Nurse Karen Etc. Team , I want to thank Royalites Xtreme Carnival Band for the invite to cover their Launch anD we will be keeping our eyes on you guys!

"If you jumping St.Lucia Carnival Go Xtreme with Royalites Xtreme!!"

Once again Thanks !

Peace and Soca


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