On De Scene: Brewsters Road Crew Lime #2

>> Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oye Nurse Karen,

I was in Brewsters Road last night on location in Pelican Village.
Brewsters Road Crew parties are the hot cakes in Barbados right now. All of their parties do very very well, especially over the last year. They currently have a series of Friday night parties during Crop Over along with a Pre-Carnival Fete and a Christmas Night event.

 As of last year, Brewsters Road Crew parties became the place to be.  Now of course for several years the Baje International Band fetes was the staple Friday night lime. Now its clearly Brewsters Road Crew time.  Their parties are 100 % soca and they go on almost till mid day the next Saturday, each and every Friday during Crop Over.  We are talking about from 10 pm every Friday night until almost 12 pm Saturday morning. The unspoken party rule in Barbados is that even if you go to another party on Friday nite,  at 4 am all roads lead to the Brewsters Road Event.

Brewsters Road is all about the authentic Bajan vibe and for real soca heads. Last night the soca heads were out in full force and really enjoying it. The second free Pre Crop Over lime and they were people, and more people! Remember this was just a lime but it seemed like many people didn't care their intention was to party and wuk-up like they don't care. Now for me, with the reduced volume of the music, I took the opportunity to  talk and catch up with people I haven't seen in a while and network with people in the industry. You know in the busy season you don't get much time to have any extended conversations.

Quite a few artistes came out to the lime - Khiomal, Katalyst, Mikey, Blood and I am sure they are more who I might have missed. Lots of the behind the scenes persons were out and out artiste managers, dancers, promoters etc and of course the people were out. I actually saw a Basketball Team still in their gear walk into the lime and go straight  for the rum. That bottle of rum went from hand to hand.  Something like NBA playoffs - It was shot, shot pass.

I have to commend the DJs on the night for keeping the soca flavor spicy and flowing.  Saga Boy did well playing a set with several yesteryear hits which the crowd loved.

Mr Soca Superman aka DJ Alvin Toppin took the set and bigged up the artiste in the place and touched some of the newer releases for the season. I think the crowd is still getting familiar with the new music, Blood's tune created a little buzz, but that is not too much of a surprise, Blood is consistent energy year after year. 

Oh before I go I had a little chat with two of the directors of Brewsters Road, Trevor and Tremayne.  They are excited about the season. They strongly believe that the Brewsters Road Product is affordable. They are aware of the current economic climate and they are making sure that their patrons can have a good time without having to over-spend.  After all, they are doing free limes before they launch their official events on June 19. 

Karen between me and you ... and your readers - I feel they have something up their sleeves though.   They too tight slipped about the season. I mean after all their events are hot, they should be doing something to step up their game in 2k-wine. 

I can feel the summer heat. I mean it! The sun is sooooooo hot right now. I think its time for the beach. Ah gone.

Corey Graham 2.0

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