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>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nurse Karen and Ricky T after his 2009 Power Soca Monarch win (July 11, 2009)
"Karen, take it fast I have to go and throw up, " Ricky T

Soca People!!! It has been a dramatic day on the island of St. Lucia. Title-winning soca artiste, Ricky T announced earlier today that he intends to take a break from music after completing his second consecutive hat trick of competitive soca titles. The artist who had previously enjoyed the administrative support of Studio 758 / SLU records for the writing and producing of his singles, as well as management and booking alerted the media of a breakdown in relations resulting in his decision to step away, at least for a while. If you haven't heard or seen what Ricky T had to say, check it HERE.

If you have, would you like to know what the management team has to say on the issue? I contacted them via email while St. Lucians were still weighing in about it on the popular Radio Caribbean afternoon talk show, News Spin. Ricky T's label mate Teddyson John was the first caller to share his views, implying that perhaps Ricky T does not understand how things work behind the scenes. Later, Executive Producer, Dwayne Mendes shared the studios point of view on today's events.

It seems like everyone has a different take on what has really been going on. No doubt many of you have read the email forwards and read the message boards. But around here, we go to the source. You've heard from the artiste, now hear from the management.
(Nurse) Karen (Etc) is giving you the other side of the coin...

Nurse Karen :What is at the heart of the breakdown between Ricky T and SLU/758?

Dwayne Mendes:
Ricky T. felt terrible for only getting 1 song for the season and he found that Ilah Man was given more attention. The entire mangement was not inspired by this season so hardly any music came from SLU Records a total of (4 songs) and Teddyson John's song was not even written by us, just produced. Ilah man was paid more attention too because he needed more work with his live performance and we would like him to have the same oppertunities that Ricky has enjoyed for the last two years. Ricky has turned out to be an excellent performer and becuase of the execution of the song throughout the season we were not worried about him retaining his crown and being very competitive.

Nurse Karen: When you were on air, you mentioned that your camp admitted fault in dealing with a particular matter in relation to Ricky T. What was that matter? and what did SLU apologize for?

Dwayne Mendes:
We are aware that a member of our team keeps going to the public about our affiars and this makes Ricky T feel bad. Its very unprofessional on our part and I hoping to deal with it soon.

Nurse Karen: Do you forsee a reconciliation between Ricky T and the team?

Dwayne Mendes:
Ricky clearly stated he has no intentions of leaving the team, he prefers to get out the spotlight than to do that. I am just trying to make him forget the negative and take full advantage of his oppertunities. The real problems we are faced with is that our St. Lucian society doesn't understand the industry, hence, Ricky is the first to break-out and he constantly being bombaded with comments from persons who try to advise him. They may have good intentions but most times don't know what the speak of. We wonder why St. Lucia doesn't have more Ricky T's or Darren Sammy's.

Nurse Karen: Can you address any misconceptions the public may have that may be aggravated by this situation?

Dwayne Mendes:
I am happy for the discussions, because it helps educate St. Lucia and because we had no entertianment industry on this level before us, I also accept the negativity that comes with it. I personally do my best to explain to Ricky that his writer in time of competition has to get paid. It was apparent this season when the writer gave him one song. However, there are 2 other songs that are ready for Ricky, but as stated earlier, the camp was just not feeling this season. I am not sure what it was, maybe a lack of competition or they would have accused us of payolla with more music on the air-waves.

Studio 758 / SLU Records executive team: Irvin "Ace" Loctar (L) and Dwayne Mendes (R)

PULSE CHECK: What do you think about Ricky T's decision / SLU Records' all-encompassing approach to its artists?

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