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>> Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunday morning, June 28 – Insomnia V

When I travel...I wanna see the artistes perform live. Don’t get me wrong, I love sun, sand and surf. I love my food too...but I like to know how an artiste’s studio performance will translate on the stage. Insomnia was the perfect opportunity for that.

With a title like Insomnia, carnival lovers are well aware that the list of performers is gonna be longer than my arms...and you’ve seen my arms. That night I got to see onstage appearances from established and local acts alike. Four bands backed the artists; HS Phaktor, Roy Cape All-Stars, Alliance and The Madd Symphony.

Before I go on. I have to big up Hitman Colin Graham hooking me up with a comp pass. One issue though, he didn’t arrive to Insomnia until about 3:00 am. That just means I paid the door price to enter! For what it’s worth. The show was worth every penny of that $60 EC.

From watching Shaunelle McKenzie belt out incredible notes to Bomani performing his modern classic. There was Icon and First Lady clashing on stage, Fire Empress bending over, Full Clip, DJ 20...sweet.

Here’s what you missed...

I have to hand it Luke Boyea and Hot 97 for making the decision to put the Alliance band up last, after visiting band Roy Cape All-Stars. Usually, visiting artistes close the show, but here's the wouldn't have mattered what big songs from Trinidad the band was covering...they couldn't competed with the pandemonium that erupted every time Skinny Fabulous and Problem Child touched the stage in SVG.

The other treat of the closing set was seeing so many female artistes command the stage. It was beautiful to see Zoelah, Danielle Veira, Daria and Jalena all performing in the same set.

That vibe was infectious. Olatunji and Rita Jones caught it too. After the sun came up, I saw them bouncing at the front of the stage as they took in the local talent. Insomnia was a big night! Check the'll see!

One small word of critcism, doled out with a heap of me. Alliance is a great band. I've sat in on rehearsals, so I know some of St. Vincent's best musicians are responsible for their sound. BUTTTT!!!! Nurse Karen knows a little something about brass. I spent most of my youth playing the trumpet. I played in school concerts and jazz bands...even got a solo or two, now and then. The brass section for Insomnia V was out of tune, AND out of sync.

It was a late night, for sure, and the drinks were flowing. However, you can hear this on the video clips, and it definitely came across on the radio broadcast. Poor Mr. Vegas got the real short end of the stick, because it was pretty clear his set hadn't been rehearsed with him. Correct me if I'm wrong. Mind you, I doubt the other 3 or so thousand people there were paying much attention to all that. So kudos none the less, just remember music is SOUND. Make sure allyuh sound your best.

I had a great time at Insomnia. It made for a memorable day, especially after that CRAZY wedding! The night was totally memorable, and was made moreso by getting to chat a while with music legend Roy Cape. If you wanna talk about brass...check he!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen

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