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>> Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tuesday, June 30 – trip to Young Island / lunch at Xcape

I woke up that morning wanting nothing more than a good sea bath. Slimmy and me caught a van to Indian bay, and paced the shoreline looking for the perfect spot. It wasn’t an easy task. Indian Bay isn’t a very sandy beach, but the waters are calm, so it’s popular...actually a little too busy for my liking in the carnival season. So the naked little children, and cat calling local boys didn’t help. Soon my desire to go for a swim would be replaced with a desire to eat. We left the beach.

We hiked back up to the main road and decided to make our way to Villa Beach instead. At the very least we would be able find some hotel restaurants that would be willing to gauge our foreign pockets. YO HOMIES...I know I live in Canada, but I’m not exactly swaggertastic enough to drop $26 for a roti. In town a roti runs for $10 EC, that’s $3.70 US. In country you can get it for half that price. Oh no.... NEXT! I think we checked three different hotel menus before my cheap self pulled the plug on the operation.

Hike again! The joke is. The Calliaqua van we rode down there had already doubled back. The driver recognized us and stopped to ask if we were lost. LOL...a real Vincy would never be walking up and down in that hot sun for so long. After all that, still no sea water and no food!
The decision was made. If we’re gonna have to pay good money for grub, we going Xcape. So, that’s what we did. Slimmy had some dolphin, and I...the seafood roti. To drink, a Hairoun and some fruity mix up. It was soooooooooooo worth the wait.

We had a nice little view of Young Island Resort from our table. There was not a soul on the beach. Problem solved. After our fantastic meal, we called the resort office to ask “pretty please can we come over and use your beach?” Gotta love SVG. Two minutes later, the ferry came to meet us at the dock.

We visited the bar and grabbed a refreshing lime squash to offset the effect of the hot air. Found some beach chairs...and gave my bikini some oxygen. Finally time for my swim. Hate to admit, but the water was frigid, and I didn’t last in there for more than 10 minutes. But at least we did it right? Food...check! Beach...check! Two less things on the to-do list!

Now time for Junior Calypso and Soca. Let’s get outta here!

Love and Soca,

Nurse Karen
P.S. Next Nurse’s Lounge: Junior Calypso and Soca

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