On De Scene: OBSESSION...What ah bashment!

>> Friday, July 3, 2009

Well, murrrr-dddoooohhhhh.. ah never hear nor see wuss. So in an effort to make a lil money from shows that don't usually attract large crowds, The Carnival Bands Association, teamed up with private promoters, Connections Ent. to pull off the Section of the Bands competition. Along with the bands, patrons were offered performances from Zoelah, Fire Empress, Lady D, Denise Belfon, Destra and Alison Hinds.

Nurse Karen and GruveMaster at Obsession

Well de bacchanal started when the boss of the "other" station held Destra to her contract that she can't perform here inside of 3 months after performing at Wet Fete. Which doh mek no sense, but if ah so, ah so. So no Destra.

Then Lady D decide that she ain't performing cuz she didn't get to practise with the band, and she don't think they know the music, or if they had back-ups. Then Candyman, (another radio personality) said to me that Zoelah wasn't singing needuh, cuz she didn't get her deposit.

Same for Fire Empress.

Lively, Nurse Karen and Fire Empress at Obsession

So, the crowd saw Lively, Vyrus and Skinny Fabulous. Now during the would-be break between the guys and the gals... I see the bass man coming from backstage, along with a keyboardist. When I looked up on the stage I realize that Alliance Band was packing up.

So I stopped Kubyashi, the band leader, to ask him wuh gine on. He is to tell me that they were only supposed to play for two of the artistes. Now they were being asked to play for everybody...some of whose music they might not have known. Lady D might have had a point.

It ain't done yet eh...

Then I heard that Denise wasn't going to perform, cuz she didn't make the flight to Vincy.

The one saving grace wa that Alison Hinds was in Vincy, and at the park.... but not her band!

Flight problems.... Go LIAT!!!!

And in all this bassa bassa... not one of the two promoters from Connections Ent, could be found.

Well,... no.. that ain't true... I hear one was by the bar....DRUNK!!!
Ah gone, til next time.

Keep on Gruvin'!

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