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>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When I was in Trinidad last month shooting the breeze with Simon at Question Mark Entertainment, he let me in on their intension to try for a little cross over exposure with a Kes the Band song entitled, "Stalker".

The pop-rock type song was, until now, an album cut on KTB's "On in 5" album released right around carnival time in Trinidad. If you don't already have the album, it's well worth the money you'll spend. Beyond, Kees' Dieffenthaller's expert vocals, you'll get an ecclectic mix of styles that pays tribute to the wide variety of musical styles influencing this very versatile band.

As for Stalker, hmmm. The track, brought to us by the South Trinidad/Brooklyn, NY dynamic duo at Precision Productions (Kasey Phillips and Nikholai Green), well it's not soca. So doh cuss me when you watch the vid. As I clearly stated, the idea is to push the band into opportunities for exposure that extend beyond the regular post-carnival Caribbean and West Indies ex-pat circuit. What you get in comparative terms are verses that could easily perfect a late night iPod shuffle with Tessanne Chin, and a chorus that sends me somewhere back to the 1980's with Phil Collins and Genesis.

Let's not all gasp at once! The rock sound is in keeping with KTB's musical tastes, and the boys at Precision, they not exactly run of the mill jump and wave Trinis either (if there is such a thing). Even while Kasey and Nikholai have ascended the production ranks to make a major impact on their nation's Carnival soundtrack in recent years, it's obvious dem boys love they Hip Hop bad bad. Their music adds a decidedly urban flavour to , which has opened doors to work on projects for artistes in Trinidad, Grenada, St. Lucia, the US and beyond.

Anyho, ladies, enjoy watching Kees get run down by a chick who's not really acting that much different than most of you. (If the shoe fits...LOL) On a serious note, the lyrics describe a megafan. She only crosses the line in the visuals. I'm sure most Caribbean acts would be happy to have fans who look that good, request every song, come to every show, and wait for them backstage. Isn't that why half of these artistes get into the business in the first place?

With no further ado.....I present you "Stalker"

Just to keep your music production chops well sharpened, I copied down the discography from Precision Productions to give you a lil taste of what these boys been up to. (And because, I know Kasey gonna Skype me if I don't).

These credits, which only go up to early 2008, were borrowed from their myspace page.

Fat Man Scoop [Av8 Records] (Soul On Fire Remix for KMC)- Engineering,
Machel Montano (The Xtatik Experience & B.O.D.Y.),
KMC [Sequence Records] (Soul On Fire)- Engineering,
Vybe - Up [Precision Remix] [2004],
Mr. Slaughter - Up In Dat [Preicison Remix][2006](Living Legend),
Maximus Dan (Man Of Fire & Love Generation),
Bunji Garlin (Flamestorm),
Trample Riddim (Trinidad) [2003]
Teardrops & Takeover Riddim (Trinidad) [2004].
Michelle Sylvester - Go Ahead [2004].
Kasey Phillips - "Born To Do It" [2005 Album].
Michelle Sylvester - Sleepin In Ur Bed which claimed International Groovy Soca Monarch & International Soca Queen in 2005.
Iwer George - Ease D Tension [2005].
Michelle Sylvester - Face Me [2006].
Maximus Dan - God Army [2006]
Miss Alysha & Fay Ann Lyons - Party [2006]
Machel Montano & Patrice Roberts - Band Of The Year[Precision Road Mix] which was in the wining line up of Trinidad and Tobago's Road March 2006 Title.
Soca Bantan - Over Yuh Head [Song & Precision Road Mix] which claimed Grenada's Roach March 2006 Title.
Maximus Dan - "Weed Out" & "Lash Satan" [2006]
NovaKane - "Me & U" - Mixing & Mastering. [2006 NYC]
Rocky & Revelation - Body Look Good. [2006]

Trinidad Synergy Soca Star Theme Song [2006 & 2007]
Keegan Taylor - Tease Me (Soca Star) [2007]
El-A-Kru [Tizzy]- Expose. [Precision RD MIX] [2007]
Miss Alysha & H20 Phlo - Go Down Low. [2007]
Big Artiste Crew - Get Together [2007]
Patrice Roberts & Zan - Til' Tommorow. [2007]
Precious - Black Carpet. [2007]
Miss Alysha & H20 Phlo - Go Down Low. [2007]
Maximus Dan - Flag Invasion. [2007]
Miss Alysha - Unity [Precision RD MIX] [2007]
Co-Production, Mixing & Mastering on Machel Montano's "One More Wine" & "Higher Than High." [2007]
Mr. Slaughter - "Spread The Love", "Spread The Love [Precision RD MIX]" , "Stage " , "Move Up Yuh Body" , "I Jus Wanna Know" ft. Rembunction & "Changing Flows" off of 2007 Album 'Port-Of-Spain.'
Fay-Ann Lyons - Keep Moving [2007]
Machel Montano & Vybez Kartel - Tonight ! [2007]
Machel Montano - Higher Than High [32 Inch Plasma Rd Mix] [2007]
Machel Montano - Jumbie [Last Minute RD MIX] [2007]
Rikki Jai - Last Band[Precision RD Mix][2007]
Ninja Dan & Mista Vybe - Chaos [St Lucia] [2007]
Jabae & Mista Vybe - Blaze It Up [2008 Barbados]
Bunji Garlin & Chris Black - Swing It [2007 NYC] [Ruff Ryders Caribbean Cartel] !!
Chris Black - Hey Mama [2007 NYC] [Universal Records, Rawth Child Ent]
Q Da Kid - Money Aint Nuttn [2007 Atl] [So So Def]
Tango & Cash - Mmm Mmm Mmm [2007]
Tango & Cash - Clear It Out & Clear It Out [Remi] Ft. Q Da Kid (Atlanta) [2007]
El A Kru [Tizzy] - Bounce [Precision RD Mix] [2007]


Umi Marcano - Turn It Around [Production, Co- Writing, Mixing & Mastering] [2008]
Umi Marcano - Flavor Of Love [Placement On Popular VH1 TV Show "Flavor Of Love"] [2008]
Miss Alysha - We Own The Road [2008]
Mista Vybe - Life [2008]
Surge - This Girl [2008]
Mista Vybe & Kes - Wave It Away[2008]
Kuttit - Drunk and Dotish [2008 NY]
The iRiddim - "3Suns - Bump On It", "Skarface - Gimme That", "Slam Cutter - Ah Never"
Shurwayne Winchester - Road Jam [2008] [Co-Production, Mixing & Mastering]
ROBOMAN [Eclectik]- RoboMan [2008]!!!!!!!!
Nadia Batson - My Posse & My Posse [Precision RD MIX] (Original and Extended RD MIX) [2008]
Miss Alysha , Mista Vybe & ROBOMAN - Own The Road [Precision RD Mix]
Brick & Lace ft Kes - Love Is Wicked [Precision Soca Remix] (Original & Pullout Version) [2008] !!
Kes The Band - Right Dey [Precision RD Mix] [2008]
RoboMan [Eclectik] - RoboMan [Precision Rd Mix]

Love and Music,

Nurse Karen

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Anonymous July 28, 2009 at 7:11 PM  

Great write up on Precision Productions those young men are really talented and so hot looking too


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