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>> Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now that I've returned from the Caribbean, I've decided to post my daily journals. "Nurse's Lounge" is your window into my world. So, don't forget to visit Nurse Karen Etc often, I've got stories and reviews from about 3 weeks of travel! Enjoy!

Friday, June 26 – Gideon James Album Launch

One thing I love about Vincy Carnival is the music. I suppose that’s no surprise. I’m a big fan of soca, and an even bigger fan of creativity and culture. Gideon James is a Veteran on the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Soca scene. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, he performed as a frontline vocalist with St. Vincent’s top band Touch. In recent years he has made his mark on Vincy Mas celebrations with Ragga soca love songs enjoyed by the old and young alike.

When I landed in SVG on June 27th, I was pleased to learn that LIME was hosting a midday album launch event for Gideon James right in front of their offices on Halifax Street. Shortly after checking in to my room at Grenadine house. I was able to hitch a ride into town with hotel manager Delroy, and the assistant Manager Laela.
As far as Caribbean cities go, the business centre of Kingstown, St. Vincent is pretty small. So, if you feel like being under the should probably stay indoors. In the 3 minute walk from the parked car to the venue, news quickly spread that I was back in town.

“Nurse Kareeeeeeeeeen!” a voice shouted from a passing car. “You in Vincy how long and you couldn’t call me?” It was Luta. I smiled and assured him, I had only just arrived. Then I felt a casual nudge at my right hand side. “So Karen for the TV webpage, you basically want a template to match your blog with a frame for the player, “ confirmed Devon of NSS Studio design. He’s currently hard at work designing . From the way he approached me, you’d never guess we hadn’t seen eachother in person for about a year.

Just like that, carnival had begun for me! As we approached LIME, we could hear live music performed by Hottsand pumping around street corners. Syxx and Sharlene were on backups as Gideon took centre stage. The growing crowd of onlookers seemed happy to start the weekend early. The lime continued for another hour or so. I touched base with the presenting sponsors of Vincy Carnival 360 for Toronto-Lime dot com. I said hello to a bunch of local artistes who were around to support the like...Jamesy P, Black Roots, Philly Dilly, and Ras X. Then I goofed around with some media buddies, all while watching Gideon James deliver those flawless notes in fine style.

Check out this clip of Gideon in action!

When the show ended, Gideon and I were interviewed briefly by SVG TV news. LOL...I know right!?! The sponsors thought it would be a good idea for me to inform the public about my work advocating for soca music and the upcoming Toronto-Lime coverage of Carnival. So, I did as I was told! Then I bounced in a flash. I had been in Vincy for nearly 4 hours, and I hadn’t seen my family.

I scurried down to Tokyo (the bus terminal...of sorts) and caught a van to the Valley. De nurse gone HOME!

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