On De Scene: Heelz All Inclusive Pre-Carnival Fete (Antigua)

>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Myst Mas Troupe presented the newest addition to the all inclusive pre-carnival fetes "Heelz", an event like no other. The food, the music, the ambiance, the location all contributed to a unique experience. And of course the theme saw the ladies come out in their sexiest of heels. Here is what the partygoers had to say -

Andrena: Heelz...was a wonderful experience! The food, the decor, the music and the atmosphere combined truly set a trend for all inclusive parties in Antigua. From the time you walked in u were greeted and treated like VIP, not to mention everyones bands said VIP...simply a reflection of a mystic experience. Heelz started off the carnival events with a bang and i hope to see many more in the coming years...Myst to de worlllddd!!!!

Leslienne : I had so much fun. There was a camera crew waiting at the entrance to interview partygoers, then there was a welcome table where they took your ticket and banded you and you went on further and was greeted by the Heelz girls in pink who gave u your own little party guide card with info on the bars etc ... we danced around the pool to the selections of Antigua's best dj's and managed to cool off in the air conditioned disco room where we jammed the night away. the ultra premium drinks were on point. the food (well tha's another story cus me nuh min get non food! :-( hmmph!) lol but apart from that the overall experience was divine! Yet ANOTHER great production by the myst clan!

kudos to them!

murdah me til hungover.
Kae-Toya: HEELZ has set a benchmark for pre carnival fetes no comparison is there. The decor was great....white fete has atmosphere yes, but not like heelz had atmosphere, there was mingling beside the pool, there was a covered dance floor, and in true myst fashion the air conditioned room which we girls took part in. There was food and I mean fresh sushi, conch water, goat water cooked food, cheese and crackers. and note each food bar had a professional chef manning the station, and the food kept being replentished with fresh arrivals. I like food and u had my fair share esp the Sushi and it was lovely and im still standing. The drinks bars were also set up quite well champagne bar and HEELZ champagne bar was going all night the last time i had free flowing champagne like that was at the Emirates Palace hotel in UAE last summer. Heels would not have been out of place if we had picked it up and transplanted it to any super exclusive location i have visited the Emirates Palace included...... food bars...........all with fresh cuisine
7 alcohol bars...............with premium spirits.............Grey Goose was our vodka of choice...........Moet / Moet rose was our champagne of choice.......Hennessy was the spirit of the night.............and tequila was for when we wanted to party............ALL IN ALL I JUDGE EVENTS BY MY MONEY AND RECESSION OR RECESSION NOT HEELZ CAN GET MY MONEY AS LONG AS THE STANDARD STAYS THE SAME.

How can I forget the eat as you like Austrailian ice cream which Marlon personally lead us to?..............the nescafe coffee stand where u got a free cup with each cup of coffee ( plus the selection of 5 different blends)............the lipton tea stand with 8 different types of tea............the reason myst ppl behave the way they do is because they are spoiled rotten..........it may be wrong but I like it
Trice: HEELZ has defintiely given Antigua's party life a new and very very different and unique flavour! One can appreciate the hard work, effort and creativity of the MYSTICS! I partied till I couldn't party anymore.....I liked the different stalls that offered something different to cater to the needs of everyone. Some may not want to eat heavy...some do..some may not want harsh liquor...some do...some want to cool down...MYST CLUB was air conditioned

The only thing was the pool area...hmm..it was a lovely setting..and while everyone was dancing around the pool i think if there was a dancefloor per say where everyone could come closer together and not be segregated....that would have improved tremendously! it seemed more like a social event everyone doing a lil jig here and there....NU EDITION WAS THE BOMB! as usual!
but yea..other than that....heelz need fa come again...that MYST organizing committee.....2 da world!

Without a doubt Heelz needs to be a permanent fixture in the pre-carnival events with such great feedback.

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