On De Scene : St.Lucia Soca Monarch Finalists

>> Saturday, July 4, 2009

Last Night, I know a few of you joined us as we streamed the Preliminary LIVE (by teaming up with scruffytv.com) and turned out successful . The crowd was relatively small competing with the Big Cricket Action this weekend in St.Lucia. Nonetheless the hardcore soca fans came out in numbers at the National Cultural Center. I came in after making a round in Piton Party in the Yard and upon entrance was Orion performing "Bring the Iron Back" which received an encore from the few persons already present.The night proceeded as a few artits came on , I will admit some of the tunes, well it was my first time hearing it and it would take a while to catch with me. But Alpha 3 time Soca Monarch king closed the first half off with his latest track out the studio "What you waiting for" which was one of the crowd's favorite.

Then the backing band switched over to T.E.M featuring Penn on the samplers which turned the show up a notch! This segment was by far the most well received one ! Q-pid "relieve her pressure" and mine too! Superman and Teddyson performed on the single "UP UP UP and Away" which was chasos! I was up front doing everything I was told and I had a time turning out to be one of my favorite performances that night. Private 6 did not fail with "I doe Care" and if at some point de liqour got to you and you began looking Funny Platinum George took care of that ! Boy the entire show came to a close in a firey way!! Illah Man flatten the place , real flatten "I want my Money Back" good gosh!!

All in all next week Saturday looks good. Hats off to those who did not make it but gave their best I applauded you guys! Nurse Karen you ready, Soca Monarch July 10th 2009 at Mindoo Philip Park with the 19 joining Ricky T !!


  1. Winter
  2. Nintus
  3. Frost
  4. Ilah Man
  5. Private Six
  6. De Arc
  7. Superman HD
  8. Alpha
  9. Blaze
  10. Esteban
  11. Kakal
  12. TC Brown
  13. Q-Pid
  14. Platinum George
  15. Cocoa Farmer
  16. Minelle
  17. Mantius
  18. Orion
  19. Jessica

Source : www.luciancarnival.com

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