On De Scene : Amy Winehouse said to jump St.Lucia Carnival?

>> Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ricky T made note of this British singer in "Like a Jumbie" singing "If you come to get on mad like Amy Winehouse in Jazz just push dem down push dem down" which flavored de song with some humour . However, I personally did not expect this ,which has been the lastest gossip in the Carnival circles. Amy Winehouse , who has been enjoying the island for the past few months; has indicated interest in joining de Carnival celebration which is indeed embracing the island's culture. I read this interesting article on this little gossip and I thought I share with you.

Band offers Amy Winehouse free costume ?

Is there anything such as “too outrageous” when it comes to antics on our carnival route? And what type of behaviour would carnival bandleaders fear from the not so polished British pop star Amy Winehouse who has, according to sources close to her, expressed a desire to hit the carnival road for St Lucia carnival? Word is that
Winehouse has already made contact with a local carnival band, against the wishes of her father.Top carnival bands on the island like Red Unlimited and Just 4 Fun have indicated that there is room for the British star in their bands-—once Winehouse is willing to comply with the rules and regulations of their bands.Both bands are expected to be over 1000 revelers strong this year and Red Unlimited’s band leader Thaddeus Antoine said he was willing to offer a free costume to the British celebrity to be part of his band while Andy Delmar,
band leader for Just 4 Fun told the STAR that once in Just 4 Fun, Winehouse would receive special treatment, but would “still have to pay for her costume!”“I think carnival is open to everyone, we encourage foreigners to jump,” said Delmar. “There’s space in our band, we just launched another VIP section last week, Gucci.Comments from Red’s band leader were similar.“We don’t discriminate, there is room for Amy, and there is room for all. Amy would be added publicity for the band. We don’t take into account drinking or drug use when letting people into band, you just have to abide by the rules on the road.Amy is very welcome, in fact we have a free costume for her, she just has
to say when!”It may not just be abiding by regulation that has to be considered when it comes to Winehouse who has been hospitalized at least four times according to reports, because of “dehydration” and “fatigue” while on an “extended vacation” in St Lucia. There is no way to tell whether the frail looking Winehouse, would be able to cover the entire extended carnival route.It does seem, however, that Winehouse is attempting to connect with local events ...

What band should she play in ? Whichever one she decides, if she does ,I know she will become addicted to Carnival. So all other Mas from Caribana to Nottinghill right back to the Caribbean , look out a Carnival Junkie in the making!

Peace and Soca


1 x 2 cents (comment, nuh!):

Anonymous July 2, 2009 at 8:25 PM  

Amy should no doubt experience our carnival fever! I don't agree with giving her a free costume because she has the same FLESH and BLOOD as YOU AND ME!.

Like everyone else...she just has to conform to the band rules.



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