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>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

Saturday, June 27 – C-Lightening Wedding

When you hear the word ‘wedding’, certain items usually come to mind; church, a white dress, respectful guests on their best behaviour. Well, perhaps you’ve never been to the union of two
soca freaks! On Saturday, June 27, Rachel and Noel of C-Lightening dot com exchanged vows
around the pool at the Canash Beach Apartments in Calliaqua, St. Vincent.

I met Rachael maybe 18 months ago on the video set for “Sexy Chocolate Girls” by Farm P. Rachael was fronting like she was playing in the Rhythm section, and I was totally dressed wrong for the shoot on the Palazzo patio in the cold spring air. She introduced herself...and since then the bond has grown immensely.

Rachael is a born Vincy who fell madly in love with her Trini knight in shining armour nearly 15 years ago. They have two handsome twin boys and a relationship that makes you believe in that good stuff all over again. It was such an honour to be invited to be a part of their special day!

Whenever I post a “Nurse’s Lounge”, I try to give readers a glimpse of my personal
whereabouts and involvements in this crazy world of Caribbean Entertainment. A wedding is a
private family function most of the time...but this one couldn’t have been more different.

As webmasters of a site that promotes the businesses and music of their homelands in St. Vincent and Trinidad, Rachie and Noel's wedding could be nothing short of a total bashment. It just HAD to be! The wedding was meant to start at noon, but our bride didn’t appear till close to 2 pm. Guests were entertained by the open bar...something you don’t normally get to enjoy at the ceremony! Rachel was escorted by her father to the stage ahead of her groom. That’s fitting, since as the Vincy in the couple...this is her turf. She ought to be waiting for HIM!

He walked the ‘aisle’ too...and by aisle, I meet the deck of the pool. The wedding party was a
good 20 people, dressed in Hawaiian style clothing, with leis around their necks. The guests were all made to dress in pure white. Must say, Caribbean people know how to rock that style very well!

The MC, Andy is a Toronto-based Vincy who Rachael has known all her life. He’s a big joker, which kept everything jovial and fun. After the priest pronounced them man and wife, out came the jello shots in every colour of the rainbow. Sandwiches were served to tie us over till the enormous spread of Trini cuisine was unveiled for dinner.

The evening was truly a joyous occasion. Half wedding. Half fete. Eventually the MC would have to share his mic with an impressive cast soca artistes, all who agreed to impromptu
performances out of good natured generosity. So who performed? Coyaba
, Black Roots, Jamesy P, Shaunelle McKenzie, Luta, Blaxx and more! was a big show!

When Luta began to sing Rumbo, the fun really began. The wedding party formed a conga line around the pool and encouraged guests to join in. Next thing I see...Noel dove in..and so did the rest of the bridal party. No one cared about their newly tailored outfits. No one worried about the transparency of their white and/or pink outfits. It became a pool party. Sadly, I wasn’t quite so confident. My eyelit lace dress would not have forgiven me for that type of abuse.

As the sun began to set, the dancing continued, both in and out of the pool. Everyone was having a beautiful time, especially the happy couple.

Congrats Rachael and Noel. You deserve every happiness! May you be blessed...just
as you continue to bless me and others.

Special thanks to Kathy for the pcitures. My camera was on vacation for a few days!

Love and Soca,

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