Artist's View : Just 4 Fun Cooler Lime 2009 (St.Lucia)

>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last night Just for Fun Carnival Band hosted one of de biggest Carnival Limes so far : Cooler Lime. I was not able to attend de lime but one of the artists who performed gave me a 360 of what went on , and from other reviews hear he was one of those who stole the show getting an encore from de crowd! So I will introduce you to Orion who is a relatively new artist on de scene and slowly but surely making an impact.

Yea I thought that the show was great , the promoter did a good job of starting
de show when the crowd got big that really helped artist such as me a lot . The
coolers were mad lol I saw a coffin cooler lol that was funny yet scary , fellas
brought kiddy pools as coolers lol garbage bins as coolers some fellas even cut
a water tanks in half and use it as a cooler . The show started off well with
some Tempest artists such as: Arthur, Equal with a guest performance by Rocshun
. The band for the night was de Matrix Band and I was the forth performer to hit
the stage. I sang after Twop Chance who had a good performance also he got
encored a couple times . I sang my new song “Bring De Iron Back” , I got a nice
introduction from the M.C, the man himself Pringles aka Superman , when had the
mic in hand I shouted out by people in the crowd , Shout Box Crew , All The
Cooler Lime Massive . I knew for most people it was the first time hearing my
song so I knew I had to bring it . When I got on stage and started doing my
thing I felt right at home and just had fun , I knew people like the sound
of iron ringing so I played with that a lot in my set and they enjoyed it , I
ended by saying “Jouvert Morning When I Coming Down With My Big Long Iron In Me
Pants I Will Be Jooking” and the crowd went crazy lol , I got my first encore after that then I left the stage again I got encored again at that
time I was tired so I asked for a drink in the crowd I got a piton took a sip
while still on stage and dropped a freestyle and the crowd went crazy again I
left the stage and got called back by my boy Pringles we did a jump and wave
together but I was tired then I left he kept calling me back but I was too tired
lol . All In all I enjoyed every minute of it the crowd showed me love big up!
Kakal was after me he closed the first half off he sang his song from last yr
“Party mash-upers” and he his new song “Bois” then after him was intermission Dj
Shane came on and mash up the place wit some ole skool soca the crowd loved that
the rest rooms were filled at that point cause cooler fete nuff drinks drinking
lol . Pringles sang part of his song to open the second half , Q-pid blazed the
place with her song “Release Me Pressure” people were sending water all over the
place , Platinum George aka the funny man lol had the whole place “Funny Funny
Funny “ he sang Busy Signals Remake Of On the
“Night Shift” to a lucky lady . Ricky T as expected did his thing and he gave de crowd a teaser which maybe be released and Ilah Man closed the show “I
Want My Money Back” one of the favorite for the year destroyed the

Orion (

I vex, serves me right for missing de Lime! Hats off to Just for Fun Carnival Band for fusing de Carnival Hype!

Peace and Soca


2 x 2 cents (comment, nuh!):

JAM CREW a.k.a JAM June 21, 2009 at 5:30 PM  

big up orion good job my yute you mash up de place

good job rochelle

Darence June 21, 2009 at 8:08 PM  

yea orion killed it lastnite cooler fete monsthittz we deh....more maddness 2 come and tracks riddims lol keep in touch soca lovers.....Hitty!!!!!!!!!!NuN Stop music...check out orion's live performance @ COOLER FETE HD


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