Booster Shot: P'tani Mas and the Vincy Rural Carnival Schedule

>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Outside of St. Vincent. people are often surprised to learn that Vincy Mas consists of numerous carnival celebrations taking place in every part of the island. By the time July 1st rolls around, the locals have already jumped j'ouvert, attended queen shows, fetes, soca monarch shows and street jump ups over and over since the beginning of May. After the main action in town wraps up on Carnival Tuesday (this year, July 7). The action continues at eight different rural carnivals until the beginning of August.

Below is the Carnival Development Commitee's schedule of official rural carnival events. But this list is by no means exhaustive. Not only are there private events being promoted to compliment the official stuff, there are whole unofficial carnivals in South Rivers, Byrea and North Leeward too!

I figure this is a pretty good time for me to post the rural schedule, since right now is the biggest and best one of them all --> P'tani Mas! (LOL, I'm not biased or anything)

A roadside view of the Marriaqua Valley

The Mesopotamia or Marriaqua Valley is the beauuuuuuutiful party of St. Vincent and the Grenadines that your nurse reps with pride. It's lush greenery and rich volcanic soil make it the ideal locale for local food production in Vincyland. It's a rain forest climate, making the region home to the tastiest fruits, most beautiful birds, and herbs and bushes to cure everything! If you reach Vincy, you MUST go and see Mespo. It's breathtaking.

Mespo also is known for having its own unique party vibe. If you remember Skinny Fabulous's Soca Monarch tune Head Bad (On De Spot), there's a line where he says, "...when it's time to get on, Chappie's Riverside..." Yeah man, dat is the spot. When you up dey, make sure and buy a Hairoun from my Uncle Chappie.

Me and Chappie inside Chappies Riverside, St. Vincent

Last week was the Warm Up Wet Fete, Motorcade and Night Mas. This weekend is the Marriaqua Queen Show. Next weekend the valley goes full force for a pre-j'ouvert fete, Kiddies Carnival, J'ouvert and a wild Street Party.

Ok...before I get carried's the schedule I promised you!

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