On De Scene: Calypso Controversy (St.Lucia Carnival)

>> Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boy, there been plenty talk about the Government owned station Radio St.Lucia banning certain songs. Not until recent I got de whole story of what real going on there. But de talk shows on other radio stations been flooding with calls from the public outraged at de action taken. So here is what really going on :

Lady Spice at Take Over Tent ( Source : The St.Lucia Star)

This year, both Lady Spice and the STAR, um well the Star publisher for
now, are back on the controversial pages, of the 2009 Carnival season. Spice,
who reportedly flew in from Canada two weeks ago, had informed us last year that
she was about to retire and was giving her life to God. She sounded serious at
the time and we had no reason to doubt her. However with her Calypso home Soca
Village shutting its doors, at least for this year, Spice’s calling was to
return to Calypso under a new umbrella, this time the Take over tent, with whom
she made her debut On Wednesday June 10th. And what a debut it was. The
Calypsonian earned herself four encores for the song “Don’t blame me,” a song in
which she launched a scathing attack on the Stephenson King
administration.However, since then some who are close to Spice tell us that she
is not too comfortable with the song. Could it have something to do with her
rumoured once “cushy, cushy” relationship with the present Prime Minister who in
return, reportedly has more than just a sweet tooth for Spice? The song which
was written by Lord Help Me is embroiled in controversy due to its stinging
lyrics and has since been banned from the airwaves of State owned Radio Saint
Lucia. In a statement from RSL it is noted that “The decision not to air “Don’t
Blame Me” by Lady Spice was done collectively by members of the management
team.” It went on to say that decisions like these are taken frequently and
include all types of music not just Calypso.At a time when political
controversies seem to be dominating the media and watering holes, the
anticipation for great social and political songs was very high. And while so
far many Calypso fans say they are somewhat disappointed, in the tents, there
are a few political songs grabbing much attention. Among them, Dean Robert’s
“Just Go,” another song which is critical of the present government, with lines
like “we cyar wait for tomorrow it’s time to go.” The song has been receiving
encores each night and is also one on the “do not play” list of RSL. Management
has cited lines in the song like “criminals in Cabinet” as reasons for the
ban.On Wednesday night during Ambassadors Calypso tent’s third show for the
season, which was a tribute to Pelay, Dean Roberts was at his best doing the

The show was one of the better tent showing’s so far for the season and
once again politics ruled, particularly anti UWP politics, with a few dashes of
Mr Wayne for good measure. Even Bingo jumped on the band-wagon with a song
entitled “Investigate.” In the song he offered the Ramsahoye Commissioner
several other things to investigate about the administration, including the
“deal” which gave the“Star-boy” one hundred percent concessions. Then there was
Pep, doing “Get off” a song in which he sings in the first person as the Prime
Minister, “I eh bending for no man again.” Pep sang about all of the persons Mr
Prime Minister would no longer bend for including “Bruce Tucker” and Wayne. It
was another song receiving encores.Another hit on the night came from Morgie
with his crafty “Tiwe’ Chou” a play on words on the Taiwanese ambassador’s name
and a Creole phrase.Whilst the season has been to a slow start, a period Pelay
described as “writer’s cramp,”—with new songs and new controversies, things
may just peak the interests of fans and ours as well.

Source : http://www.stluciastar.com/

Well it is a fact de season has been off to a very slow start but with all dis "row row" on de scence , people now paying attention to de music!

Peace and Soca

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