On De Scene: NG Soca Stage Launch closes with a Bang (Part 2)

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

See me in the black and white with rag in hand taking in the second segment of the show. Well Dj Levi Chin and Hper D kept the crowd occupied with the spining of the tracks during intermission. THEN ! De maddness was unleashed. Popular artists Kakal started things off with his track "Bois" (which is sang mostly in our folk language "patois"). Kakal is known for pushing the envelope with play on words and real talk which has made him popular with the crowd.

Kakal at NG Soca Stage

O lawwd, Teddyson John bought out de "Real Reveler" in me , had me kicking a storm with his "Wine if you Wining" and other tracks such as "Home for Carnival" He stole the show for me there after I was content but I had to see what everybody else had up their sleeve.

Q- Pid performance included the winer man from Grenada Baby Killa and mate stole de spotlight . No he did not sample any of his well known tracks but he gave de crowd a little freestyle and man his reckless wining skills is a priceless sight. I am sure he had Q pid worried for a second . Organizers at some point in time encouraged the shortening of his time but no winer man wanted to tell de crowd more as he freestyled away.

Qpid and Baby Killa at NG Soca Stage

Unforunately Q-pid performance ended more dramatic than anticipated. One of her stage props was running off de stage and grabbed de stage lights which then fell off de stage ; which caused a bit of an issue with the lights and sound! No lie !! No worries there, NG organizers had that fixed in minutes and MC Superman took over and you know once Superman is around show DONE!

He had de crowd in a frenzy as he began with his "Socaritis" single and bought on stage another super friend Sir Lancealot with his "My Band is the Best" song which remains to this day very much popular. First time seeing Superman perform Kryptonite and I fell in love with de track. And it reminds me that what soca tents are about. It is ok to hear a track on de radio but when the artists perform it with their unique style, it intoxicates you.

Wooosh It's Superman

De night proceeded with the likes of Ricky T , Kerian Piper, Nicole David just to name a few. But the night ended , the only way it should with Ilah Man! There he performed his latest release Rockshun (released Friday 12th June) and for most persons it was the first time hearing, which was well received. He performed other popular tracks, but he saved de best for last "I want my money Back" and the crowd ate it up raw. Though I can assure you no one wanted their money back because THAT show - NG Soca Stage Launch 2009 was more than any patron anticipated.

Ilah Man at NG Soca Stage

Notably absent from this tent was Ninja Dan who is one of the founding fathers of that tent. Through the night many artists under the tent tried to keep his presence alive. (For those that don`t know, Ninja Dan is currently serving time for a serious crime he was involved in February)

I must commend one of de main men behind this show Kayode for a job well done. And extend thank you for hosting me on behalf of the (Nurse) Karen (Etc) Team.

If you liked de shots above why dont you log onto www.luciancarnival.com for the FULL GALLERY.

Enjoy !

Peace and Soca,

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