On De Scene: "One More Day" for Crop Over, Biggie Irie lobbying for change?

>> Friday, June 5, 2009

Peter Ram (Left), fan,  Biggie Irie (Right)

So hear wha gine on, I just heard the new tune One More Day from the former International Groovy Soca Monarch, Biggie Irie featuring Peter Ram. I have to give Biggie Irie props. Ya done know the man vocals always correct, butwhat I really drawn to is the message:  give we one more day.

This tune is like a soca social commentary. We all know that there is just one day for the jump up in Barbados, Kadooment Day. Its not new to request for another day.  It's been a thought thrown around for a while.

Nurse Karen asked the man about it:

Nurse Karen:
How does it feel living in one of the only Caribbean islands with just one carnival parade day?

Biggie Irie:
Well we've been accustomed to one day on the road, but as Bajans travel to other carnivals worldwide they are becoming aware of the two day celebration, so recently on the call in programs and on the street i've been hearing ppl ask for two days here in Barbados, so hopefully gov't will comply soon.

Nurse Karen:
How serious are you about petitioning for change?

Biggie Irie:
*Laughter I'll leave the petitioning to the people, but they can use the song in the petition if they like! *Laughter* Seriously though, it is a serious song for the festival and hopefully it will be an anthem for other carnivals who don't have two days to jam on the road.

What makes this tune even more hard hitting, is that in recent years - especially last year, the police have been hurrying up the Kadooment Day music trucks, moving too fast for you to comfortably meet your Kadooment Day wuk-up quota!

Let me be more specific, imagine you start jumping say bout 9 am, right. Last year by 2 pm you would have been off the road and on your way home.  Yessss, I serious!

Listen I ain't going to go any deeper into that and get too passionate. I just want to give Biggie Irie some big ups for putting the whole mélée in a tune and he gets his partner in crime Peter Ram to back him up on this tune with one of his signature chants. And listen, I know people will sing it even when they merry from alcohol intake. 
Picture it, its 4 am
[Police man - enter  stage right to shut down the fete]
[Biggie Irie on stage and the crowd of rum filled soca lovers]
[From the distance, you hear the chant coming the crowd singing acapella ...]
"Gimme one more day....."

Oh and let's not forget the producer, Mr Dwaingerous stamping his name in the soca arena since he burst on the scene 2 years ago with the mega tunes Assume De Position by Patrice Roberts and Wining season by Machel Montano HD.

Dwain "Dwaingerous" Antrobus, another proud son of the Bajan soil.

Crop Over is here! Gve we one more day, nuh!

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