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>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lunatics on de road
Lunatics in de street

Yo dudes...It's gonna be a serious problem! Back again with another promo vid from Problem Child. The hustle is on. After Saturday's much talked about performance at Wet Fete in St. Vincent, the buzz is out. Problem Child is a contender for Soca Monarch. This (Mad House) is the tune people are losing their minds over.

The promo vid shows carnival and fete clips from St. Vincent, New York and Toronto for sure, plus some funny shots of crowds colliding. Not a professional production, but I respect the hustle. This is 2009 after all. Artists have to make use of everything on the net to get their names and faces out there. For the artists reading, think about it. 2 + 2 = 4. (You forgot or something?!)

Here in Toronto, the song is already making it tough for me to fete in heels. I need a little more traction when the boys and dem start kicking about! The t-dot connection is worth noting. One of the craziest elements of this track is the maniacal tenor pan riffs accenting the production. Hats off to Eman of the KOS family (Kingdom of Soca, for the uninitiated) He's long been a fixure in the toronto fete scene, butting pan on stage, hammering out the latest Dancehall and R&B Tracks. He's also known for his work with Toronto's Afropan Steelband. It was founded by his papa, Earl La Pierre, Sr. in the 70's.

With some beautiful, tricky pan accents to work with, it's no wonder the producer (Fryktion) is dancing around like a madman in the studio shots too. Looking forward to see the pandemonium on Carnival Monday in SVG. Won't be surprised if the whole place tun over!

Check it...

More Love in Soca (Start to Jump!),

Nurse Karen

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