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>> Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nurse Karen at Question Mark Entertainment

Ha ha ha... if your'e reading this...please help me find Nurse Karen Etc's own beloved correspondent Knycky Cordner. She's not lost in the traditional sense. It's just that I can't find her. I arrived in Trinidad this morning from a sleepless red-eye flight on Caribbean Airlines.

I'm in transit to Vincy Mas...but thought I'd take a day in T&T to link a few precious soca contacts in our music's mecca before my life is completely overcome once again by the carnival jumbie. On the very top of my list was linking with sister-girl-singer-hostess-blogger-chicky of the hour...Knycky Cordner. Some of you would never believe this...but in spite of the fact lady-girl writes for the blog, the two of us have NEVER actually met in person! Crazy right? Thought that woulda been a simple enough itch to scratch. So far no dice.

Knycky, where yuh? I been looking everywhere. I checked by some of my relatives hear Trincity Mall. I searched over by UWI in St. Augustine. I went up and down the Avenue in Woodbrook.

I stopped in at Synergy TV. This must be the 4th time, I've gone in to meet with Peter C...only to find out plans changed without my knowing. This time I was lucky tho. I met a producer who's looking to chat with me about contributing to their programming. You know I'll keep you POSTED!

Where was I? Knycky...yeah. Whey she dey? I went round the savannah in the rain. I found myself at Question Mark Entertainment (the folks that manage peeps like Kes the Band and Maximus Dan). Who should I see cooling out in front?...a handful of the band members from Asylum.

Nurse Karen Etc followers should know that my travel lines up with Asylum's gigs more often than probably any other band. So, had to pop in. They are rehearsing Saucy Wow's music for a gig at DC's Star Nightclub on Saturday night. ( I won't be there. Check me a Vincy Insomnia) The pop-in turned into a meeting with Simon Baptiste ( The CEO!!!!) Guess who has a nice new shrink wrapped copy of the Kes the Band "On in 5" CD now?!

Yeah...finding all kinda ting today. Still no Knycky.

Love and Soca,

P.S. still in the coming just now.

1 x 2 cents (comment, nuh!):

knyx June 26, 2009 at 9:43 AM  

LMAO! OMG! Sister you're so not easy!
Meeting you confirmed it, you are truly a gem, wonderful personality to match that pretty face. I'm happy you got a lot done while on your one day stay in T&T,(still cah believe that madness-ONE DAY?!?)
Looking forward to more blogs on your travels. Have a great Carnival! Yes, I envy you jumping up in a band with...maybe... Luta??? LOL
Love ya Karen!


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