Booster Shot: Vincy Ragga Soca Results...Maddzart is King

>> Saturday, June 27, 2009

Man what a night. When I say the competition was steep....I really mean it.

Lemme not stall tho.

And the winner is Rayon "Maddzart" Primus with "Is Me Friend"

Danielle Veira came 2nd with "I wan me soca"

Skarpyon rounded out the top three with "Soca Love"

I'm kinda in a rush to take a late night swim...but here's my 2 cents.

Maddzart was the obvious crowd favourite tonight. It was a big night for his whole band with he D'Lanlord and Tamisha all making it to the finals. His presentation was simple and effective. His song tells a story (that happens to kinda sorta refer to somebody with the same name as me). Maddzart portrayed the scene of being tossed out of his house with an actress who did his show justice..and a couple a dudes whose antics kinda made you feel sorry for him about the 'situation'

Danielle...boy that girl looked beautiful tonight. She is really coming into her own this carnival. It's obvious that her camp was in it to win it...and they came super close. She was looking like cleopatra in a vegas style presentation with a bevy of beauties who decorated the stage in feathers, corsets and top hats. Flawless vocals. Very memorable.

Skarpyon in my opinion is a consistant performer. You can trust him to take the competitive aspect seriously. He always utilizes beautiful costuming and talented dancers. This year's song isn't nearly as possible as his work in previous years, so his placement was a big surprise to most. However, he did perform the tune very well.

Honourable mentions:

Tabia - vocally strong, she looked hotter than ever, showing an edgier more grown up version of herself to the crowd. She should be proud tonight. She really rocked it.

Fullclip - I really enjoyed his stage show. He was dressed like Alladin with three beautiful genies emerging from a giant bottle on stage. I think Fullclip has long been overlooked as one of SVG's great talents. On my way out, I had to congratulate him. Tonight the crowd got the point too. They were really into his performance!

Zoelah - Among many in the media area, Zoelah was the pick to win. Her song has been popular since the onset of the carnival season..and is already making its way into regular rotation on Flow in Toronto (the station I'm on every week)

D'Landlord - First performer to really work with his song to engage the audience. I don't know if everyone was watching..but he showed real experience and personality. I think his number is coming up. The right year, the right never know.

Ok...gots to go...the beautiful pool is waiting!!

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