On De Scene: LIFELINE, the benefit concert for Sheldon Benjamin

>> Monday, June 8, 2009

"All these years ah complaining bout the industry not paying meh. Now look how I'm being paid, hmm" That was Sheldon "$hel $hok" Benjamin's response when I asked him how he feels about the benefit concert thrown for him. Looking at him saying this & shaking his head raised my pores...

LIFELINE the concert kicked off (more or less on time) with gospel artiste Russell Leonce. I heard he brought the house down, heard because I was a weee bit late, NOT MY FAULT! (Note to self, shopping list: Digicam, CAR!) De driver was late!!!

Anyhooo, I walked in when H! 2! 0! Phlo! was on stage, they were flowing!!! However, as I looked around, I felt Fridge from the group was justified in asking in his song "where is the love"? I was like yeah whey de love, whey de PEOPLE??? I felt disappointment ooze through my body. Buh guess wha! Dat feeling didn't last long. Trinbagonians just like to bounce in anything late late (bad) & some ah them practically came straight from the airport (good-they came), (T&T v Costa Rica match in Tobago the night before). As I was saying, by 9pm, the place was "ram-ram"( the name of one of the songs Sheldon produced for General Grant).

After the H2 Guys, host Shal Marshall introduced Robert Amar, who was once de Boss man of one of the top 10 recording studios in the world, Caribbean Sound Basin. That was where Sheldon worked when he created de setta hit nah. That studio was home to Kiskidee Caravan. Amar now owns radio 104.7FM and informed the audience that the station was having a "Sheldon night", which is a night dedicated to Sheldon's music, call, request & pledge.
DJ, Host, Presenter for the night, Shal Marshall

He started it off by pledging TT$5,000. on the spot. Another TT$5,000 went into the kitty later on when KMC made his pledge and challenged other Soca artistes. Ah waiting to hear the outcome of that, personally it should have been more-lol. I cah rise to any challenge... did I tell you guys I just bought a hip?

General "Granty" Grant

Every performer & ah not just saying this eh, but every performer MASH UP! Rocky came on after Amar & started the real jam session, he had us singing Gailann's part (cause she was in foreign), while he mocked her wine-lol. General Grant was up next..............O Gosh Granty...hmmm, hmmm, he could have stayed on de stage forever...The rest of the cast were the bands. I will not lie, I could not stay for the entire show so I saw, 3Canal, Boy (Machel) & de HD family, & a bit of Ms Hinds. Ah know real man vex now cause dey cah see pics of Destra's short shorts or de 3 Bumpers: Allison, Saucy, & Destra obsessively winning-LOL. Fellars give me a break nah. I walked, and stood, & posed fuh real long on de hip eh......

3Canal gave their usual outstanding performance . Cutting Crew, their band, REAL cutting! Sound like record & thing.

Machel Montano

The bit I did see of Machel was special. he performed hits, unrealeased hits, played the keyboards, guitar, he geh on, Patrice & de rest of de family was right up dey with him. The concert was FANTASTIC!!! According to Machel, "Big up to all de artistes for coming together to do this. We could always do with more love." I was impressed that the artistes didn't get carried away & kept the night all Sheldon. And we were encouraged in their performances, over & over to say Sheldon's name & send shouts of love & blessings. Soooo looking forward to part two.

Liz "Lady" Montano on behalf of the HD family spent the night to the front of Zen, selling black tees with a picture of Sheldon to the front & some of his hits to the back. That tee real sweet & I encourage you all to purchase one, just contact the HD family. Is only TT$100 & remember the cause.
Marlon Grant. Dancer/Choreographer, Co Host T&T's new show "Dance Off."

I heard that Musicians, performers and DJs in London had their LIFELINE UK yesterday, I wonder how that went.

On a more personal note, I want to publicly thank Sheldon for his inspiration during his difficult time. Recovering from hip replacement surgery can be trying for a person as active as I am & I wouldn't lie, I had my low periods. However, after seeing Sheldon in the hospital, then at home fighting for his life, literally, I thought "wow, I'm so blessed & have so much to be thankful for, why complain?" You know the saying I cried when I had no shoes, then I saw a man with no feet. Yep, that was me...

Thanks to everyone that is supporting with prayers, finance & in every little way. Sheldon's Mum has said to me, the support the family is getting, from transportation to visits to every little detail has been tremendous.

Keep praying guys. We need a miracle...

Part 3 soon...
Bye Socanites,

Oceans may divide us but Soca keeps us together,

2 x 2 cents (comment, nuh!):

knyx June 8, 2009 at 7:03 PM  

Good Job Karen. (there I was sweating it-LOL)

Corey Graham 2.0 June 9, 2009 at 7:39 AM  

Nice write up! Kynx good to see you up and about again and sharing with the world.

Big up the Shel Shok, we have to give thanks for those who give so much to the Caribbean Community!

I'd be praying


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