Eye Unit: Boone Chatta - Berlin Yard (Video)

>> Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wow. Allyuh know Boone Chatta from Berlin Germany's Soca Twins sound system? Recently he's been flexing a different musical muscle....his vocal chords. All year long I've been looking forward to receiving his soca and dancehall tracks. Well, we're onto a next level, cuz boyfriend has a music video!

If you're a fan of Vybez Kartel ft. Spice on their extra rude little ditty, Rampin Shop...you will catch a vibe for this one. Though this is the least original of his musical releases, I completely understand the decision to spend a little cheddar on pushing the image with this one. A guy who's career thus far has been catapulted forward on the power of a culture that is not his own, takes this modern Jamaican classic and reps where he's from....big bad Berlin.

The well-crafted lyrics describe an urban life not too different from the ghettoes of our beloved Caribbean. Click and learn.

Here's what Boone Chatta had to say about the video:

"It's a love song... 'cause I definitely love my home town Berlin. It's
good, bad and ugly. The video is kept as real as can be. You wont see
any posing, bling bling, gangsters, no pitbulls, nude girls and big cars.
Just me and friends.

Also, I didn't want to show all the known tourist spots in Berlin like the
TV Tower or Brandenburger Tor, which you'll normally see in the videos.
Instead, you'll see the real thing! Places you can actually find me at.
And of course we had to show some left over pieces of the famous
Berlin Wall, which I relate to in the song.

We had lots of fun shooting the video and I hope this feeling translates
when you watch it. And if you come to visit Berlin... Welcome inna de
Berlin Yard!"

Boone...guidance for this next part of the journey.

More love in soca (or dancehall in this case),

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