On De Scene: Making Contact, LIME announces its Crop Over 2009 Plans

>> Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Krosfyah performing at Contact Launch
I am really beginning to catch the festival fever, I think I got the fever fuh trute.

My Friday night was spent at the Cable and Wireless LIME Contact Mas Band launch. The theme for 2009 is Fire Stones. It was a fully catered event with drinks free (of course) and waiters moving through the crowd with platters serving the various finger foods. It was the jerk pork with plantain that was my favourite!

If you know Bajans, you know we like our pork! The success of the CW Pork Lime every Friday evening stands as a testament to that! Pork done every way you like it, and some sweet soca in the background made for a great lime. Indeed its no wonder that this year LIME is adding more to the event with more live performances and some surprises too. I don't know what they might be, but every Friday from June 12 till August 9, make your way to CW Sports Club car park and get your Pork! All you pork mouts...

The feature presentation of the evening was, of course, the launch of costumes for the Contact band 2009 . It was a well choreographed presentation with the band entitled - Firestones.

Sections -

  • Pearl
  • Black Diamond
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Fire Opal
  • Amber

You take your pick! CW having sponsored Krosfyah for 10 years, saw it only fitting that they would bring the curtain down on the evening which was a nice touch.

Krosfyah Band in Miami, October 2008

Edwin Yearwood, Khiomal and Adrian Dutchin up front and pelting down the hits, I felt like that was one of the better Krosfyah performances I have seen. Maybe because the energy in the air was electric I am not sure but the people responded to ever tune, at least for the time I was around. Local lead singer of the band Nexcyx Mahalia came on to the stage and grooved to a reggae vibe with Khiomal and added some flavour to the set.

Karen Richardson I know you are a poet and you would love to know that Mahalia is a local poet and hosts a very popular poetry night here, rightly called Mahalia's corner.

I had a blast for sure. It will be interesting to see what Krosfyah has in store this Crop Over!

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