On De Scene: LIFELINE artists take over Synergy Friday Nights

>> Saturday, June 6, 2009

For musicians & music lovers, Friday Night is Synergy night in sweet T&T, you can get any info about the latest parties, artistes etc. Last night, however, looked like it turned into Sheldon Benjamin night! Oh Guuud! According to Rupee, "Look...at...PEOPLE!" Well artistes. Yes man, we went out in our numbers for what was a sort of a live infomercial for Sheldon's Concert. Well really, it was Synergy Friday Nights hosted by Shal Marshall, but with the Sheldon twist.

This initiative was put together by the LIFELINE committee, Shira Mohammed, Neil Bernard, Rocky, Lyndon Livingston, Klysha Best, Tamara Carpette, Giandre Diaz & Signal To Noise. I must also say thanks to Wendell Naipaul & the Synergy crew for their support.

Some of the artistes present were Machel Montano, Shurwayne Winchester, Blaxx, 3 Canal, Rocky, Denise Belfon, & King David. We were all suppose to sing our favorite track produced by Sheldon-yours truly forgot her CD with my song "Life" or "Fed Up" & had to sing Wet Meh -- planned? Nah! Ah forget real thing at home, will get to that.

The artistes truly represented. Everyone was in high form, but special mention must be made of Granty (General Grant). It's been a while since I saw Granty perform, and allyuh...he better than ever! He had us in the studio rolling & shot calling (remember de dance?) with him. I could only imagine what those at home were doing...

Now ah really cah wait for Sunday (7th June) evening when the real Concert is on...

Now here this aside...Amm, amm, I forgot the DIGITAL Camera at home. Yes man, ah get one. Well borrowed. Yes it was still on the bed, with meh performance CD. How could I? When leaving home, note pad, Camera, note pad, camera, notepad, camera. make it stick!

Anyhow, the ever so sweet committee members, organized a camera for me & were suppose to send me the pics since last night! Ah still waiting. This report couldn't wait so I'm going full speed ahead & if I do get the pics after, I promise to post just for you.

Speaking with Camille, Sheldon's sister, after the show, I learnt Sheldon enjoyed the show. And was most concerned for me and the hip when ah start to throw water. LOL.

Bye Socanites,

Oceans may divide us but Soca brings us together,

2 x 2 cents (comment, nuh!):

(Nurse) Karen June 6, 2009 at 10:22 PM  

haha...my girl! You forgot the digicam, but at least you remembered to pay attention! I wish we could get Synergy up here. Tell Peter I say doh stick! :)

knyx June 7, 2009 at 1:10 AM  

Ah have to come better with the Cam-lol...Peter better KNOW! LOL


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